KinoApp: free movies in one app

KinoApp: free movies in one app

Streaming is definitely the future of entertainment that has always dominated TV . New and high-quality movies and series can be enjoyed at home at the click of a button with KinoApp , both on the TV set and on the PC or mobile devices. All for a low subscription.

But at the same time, a market has inevitably emerged for providers who offer the same content for free, in addition to theatrical releases, and profit from the advertising that appears with that content. KinoApp belongs to this genre.

What is KinoApp

Almost everywhere it appears as Kino App, or just Kino. It is a service whose premise is simple: enjoy the latest movies and the best-known series from distributors like Amazon Prime or Netflix, without paying a penny for it.

As a way to avoid legal prosecution by profiting from disseminating content protected by copyright, the app resorts to a well-known method: it does not host the content on its own servers, but on external ones, so they only serve as a search tool.

KinoApp Mobile Application

The app can be found on different sources such as the Play Store or APKPure. In Aptoide there is an app for movies called Kino, which differs from this one in terms of the logo, so it cannot be said that it is the same.

Installation from Google Play is direct, and only requires touching the “install” button. To bring it from other sources, you have to download the APK file, and run it. For this to work, you first have to go to Android settings (Settings> Security) and enable the option that allows you to install programs from unknown sources.

Alternatives to KinoApp

In case there is a problem with KinoApp, or simply the user wants alternatives, there are several similar applications that offer the same service. Some, but not all, can be found in the Play Store.


Example of the apps that can be found in the Store when looking for free movies. It has a good catalog, its content is hosted on external servers, and it allows you to select features such as video quality, or the type of audio.


Good app, which is not in the Play Store: you have to get it by looking for reliable links. It uses torrents to distribute the content. The Catalog of series and movies is very complete. It is recommended not to lose sight of it.


Well-known application to watch movies for free. Its catalog is large, and also allows a variety of languages ​​and qualities to see the productions. His specialty is in film premieres.

One of the features of Appflix that can be most attractive is the possibility of downloading the movie that you want to see. This can be useful when the connection is slow or tends to drop at times.


The Android version of the well-known movie and series distribution portal also has a wide catalog and ease of use. This version is not in the Play Store, so you have to look for it in alternative sources.

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KinoApp adds to the wide range of options that are presented to the user who does not have access to the regular service of the official content distribution chains, or is simply not willing to pay the fees that those chains ask for (which are not excessive, really ). In this case, it is recommended to download the application from the Play Store, to minimize the risk of malware.