FilmApp a free movie app

As the catalog of the big chains like Netflix and Hulu becomes broader and more attractive, more people want to enter the wave of TV via streaming, such as FilmApp. And the prices are also attractive, at least among the most popular ones; so many customers agree to pay the subscription.

However, there is no shortage of those who wish to receive the service in an alternative way; either because they do not want to pay, or for more complex reasons (there are regions where the streaming chains do not provide service , or the infrastructure to pay simply does not exist). For them there are services like FilmApp.

What is FilmApp

Formally Film App (the two words separated) is an Android application for a free streaming service that allows you to watch series and movies on a mobile device. It should not be confused with the FilmApp application that is available in the Play Store, and that is used as a “light box” to view photographic negatives. Also not to be confused with FilmAPP! developed for iOS.

FilmApp Mobile Application

The Film App mobile application is not available on the Play Store . So the best way to get it is by downloading it as an APK file, and running it, after configuring the mobile to allow running programs from unknown sources. It is advisable to consult which are the most reliable sources to download the application.

The interface is quite intuitive, typical of these applications; It is also compatible with home streaming devices such as ChromeCast.

Alternatives to FilmApp

FilmApp belongs to the new generation of Android apps that allow you to watch movies and series for free. But it is not the only one. In case there is any inconvenience, there are other options that are at hand:


A well-known option to watch free movies on Android. It takes its name from the already famous free movie project that had to close a few years ago. Its catalog is large and it uses torrents to host its content


The Android application of the well-known portal. It is not certain that it belongs to the same owners, given the number of sites that have proliferated with this name as a result of the closure of Plusdede. It is advisable to have this option up your sleeve, to have a place to go in case FilmApp stops working.

Repelis Plus

Another APK version of the web portal of the same name. It contains a complete selection of content that is accessed through a comfortable interface. Ideal as a backup option.

Play! go

Play! (without the added “Go”) has been an application for movies and series that has enjoyed wide acceptance. They recently decided to “update” it and it is now offered under this name. It continues to maintain a wide catalog of movies and series, some old ones that are always enjoyable. It can be installed from the Play Store.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What is Film App?

Film App is a free streaming platform where you can watch Spanish dub movies, TV shows, and anime. It has HD-quality videos for movies and TV shows in a variety of categories, including Action, Horror, Drama, Comedy, and more.

How does Film App Work?

Film App works by providing links to videos hosted by third-party servers that you can watch and download.

Is Film App safe?

Film App is safe, but for more secure streaming then we suggest you have a VPN such as Surfshark.

Is Film App free?

Yes, Film App is free.

Are there Ads?

Yes, there are many ads, including pop-ups and banners.

Is there a need for registration?

You don’t have to register to use Film App, which is a plus. Simply download the app, open it, and start searching and watching your favorite films, TV series, anime, and music.

What other devices is Film App available for download?

Aside from the Amazon Fire TV, you can also download Film App on Android, Chromecast, Windows, and macOS.


Despite the battle that the distributors maintain against the sites with free content, these continue to proliferate with good health and success. The big ones should probably redesign their customer acquisition strategies, to extend a service that is undoubtedly of the highest quality.