How to Fix Canon Copier Error Codes 6012

How to Fix Canon Copier Error Codes 6012

The Canon 6012 copier is a commercial copier that allows businesses to make a large number of copies of documents. The error codes on your Canon 6012 copier can tell you what is wrong with your machine. The codes cover problems like major transmission problems, over the counter, or power problems. You do not have to be a Canon technician to diagnose your copier. You can crack the error codes to your Canon copier and get it working again.


1. Open the paper counter on the front of the copier and clear the paper jam inside the machine to clear the E030 code, which means there is a problem with the paper feeder on the 6012.

2. Unplug the Canon 6012 and allow it to sit for about five minutes to set the E001 code. The E001 error code means that the fuser has a high temperature. Unplugging the device allows the fuser to cool.

3. Inspect the print heads and for scratches or broken parts through the scanner window to diagnose the E202 error, which means a scanner error. Contact a Canon technician to fix the scanner problem.

4. Allow the copier to sit for one minute to erase the “C” code, which means that the machine is working properly, but the device is correcting the fuser film tracking.

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