HDFull closes What alternatives to download torrents are still open? List 2023

HDFull closes What alternatives to download torrents are still open? List 2023

Comfort, customization and privacy are just some of the reasons why every day we see an increase in the number of users who use search engines and torrent websites around the world.

HDFull.tv is one of the portals used by many people to download movies and series for free. This is because of the comforts that allow you to enjoy your favorite content in the comfort of your home .

However, this portal is constantly persecuted for violating copyright. That is why in this article we present you with an extensive list of portals that will be the perfect alternative to HDFull, so that you are not left “orphaned” when they close any of their domains .

What happened to HDFull? Doesn’t work or have they closed?

The platform has been blocked by some of the major Internet providers . The consequence is the fall of the service, for which many users are wondering if the portal no longer works. Which in a way is true, HDFull.tv is no longer available .

From the company they have been trying to calm things down through a statement, inviting their followers to access the service through the https version . But the solution seems not to be enough, and we join those who believe that the service is actually no longer available. This forces us to look for other options to continue enjoying our favorite movies and series.

*Update: The creators of the platform confirm that they are still open , for this they have a new domain hdfull.cx so for all those loyal followers of this fantastic platform you can continue enjoying thousands of movies and premieres from all over the world!

List of the best legal alternatives to HD-Full to watch movies and series online

Although there are many web pages similar to HDFull, but it is very likely that over time they will stop working. That is why it is best to always use legal VOD platforms that offer a wide variety of content.

Here we present the best 5 VOD platforms to watch series and movies that will perfectly replace HDFull , with which you will not have to worry about any closure in the future.



The streaming platform with the most users worldwide . In it you will find a wide variety of original series and movies, as well as other great successes. Although you will not be able to enjoy titles that are currently in theaters, it is totally worth it for its low cost and huge catalog.


Disney+, Disney plus

Disney+ is the perfect destination for fans of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic . It offers a catalog full of renowned movies and series, as well as exclusive and original content from these iconic brands. With options for all ages, it is an ideal platform to enjoy the magic and endearing stories of this legendary franchise.



It is a streaming platform that combines HBO content with a wide selection of movies and series from other studios and networks . With a diverse offer that includes everything from popular television series to blockbusters, it stands out for its quality and its original productions, which have gained recognition in the entertainment industry.



It is a free VOD platform that offers a unique streaming experience. With a wide range of live channels and a library of on-demand content, it allows users to explore different categories, from news and sports to movies and TV shows . It is an attractive option for those looking for a free and varied entertainment experience.


Filmin is a VOD platform specialized in independent, classic and auteur cinema. With a curated selection of films and series from around the world, it stands out for its focus on quality content and its commitment to cinematographic diversity . It is an essential destination for movie lovers who are looking for different and unconventional proposals.

List of the best Torrent websites (P2P) alternatives to HD-Full

We know of the large number of personnel who are concerned about the closure of HDFull and other portals, so below we present a list of suggestions with the best alternatives currently available, to help you continue enjoying your films and series totally free .



This is our first suggestion as an alternative to HDFull.tv. Elitetorrent has become the largest platform to download documentaries and series in Spanish , where you can download with just one click.

In addition to being able to enjoy the latest releases on the billboard, Elitetorrent guarantees you high quality and security when browsing the platform. Another point in its favor has to do with the possibility of using the filters to analyze the weight of the files, which allows you to make revisions before downloading the file that you like and agree with.



TPB, apart from being the site that has been providing the torrent download service for the whole world for the longest time, has been able to avoid all attempts to block access to its page . ThePirataBay Mirror websites allow you access even if one of their pages is blocked.

In addition, ThePirateBay is the leading content platform, with thousands of titles available to Internet users. Accessing these titles is as easy as sorting them in the search bar. Of course, you are assured of aspects such as quality, privacy and security.



Quality, variety, and above all security, is what distinguishes Torlock from the rest of the entertainment content download platforms. When we talk about quality, we are including the impressive speed with which downloads from this site are executed . Undoubtedly one of the best options now that HDFull.tv has closed.

When we mention the security of the site, we assure you that it is not an exaggeration. To do this, it suffices to say that those responsible for the platform offer rewards to their users for detecting suspicious torrents and reporting them to the community. That should give you an idea of ​​what we’re talking about.



When we include LimeTorrents among the alternatives to HDFull.tv, we do so taking into account the impressive database of a platform that right now goes from two million available torrents to its increasing number of registered users. This without neglecting at any time the quality of the content offer .

Searching for free movies or series through the LimeTorrents platform is incredibly simple even for users with little knowledge of browsing , something that is undoubtedly attractive enough for all audiences.



A classic in the world of piracy. Cuevana has been getting free series and movies for its users for years, from a wide variety of genres. However, advertising is extremely irritating in this portal, in addition to the fact that its domains are constantly closed.

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Tips you should know before downloading free content

When you access any movie, series or music download platform , among others, it is important that you do so knowing at least the basics of how it works. Knowing the terminology used in this environment will help you to have a better understanding of this file sharing system, which is what it is all about. The same goes for learning how to select the most convenient file .

If you are clear that you will be part of a swarm (swarm), surely you will be interested in obtaining the greatest amount of information about the step you are taking.

On the other hand, before using a website specialized in downloading free torrents , you should know that for this very reason the dangers of malware are always at least latent. This makes it necessary for you to be aware of verifying the security of the site, since in addition to suffering a virus attack, your computer may be exposed to being used in an unscrupulous manner, even for mining cryptocurrencies without realizing it .