Pelis24 alternatives to download torrents are still open? List 2023

Pelis24 alternatives to download torrents are still open? List 2023

Nothing better than free stuff, the only bad thing is that sometimes they run out. Torrent download websites are one of those incredible sites that last very little . They are loved by everyone since they allow content to be downloaded from the network at a very fast speed, with a modality that is extremely comfortable since the user can perfectly pause the process and continue it whenever they want.

A file of this type ” reads ” fragments to find the origin and access a download through those who have already used it, that is, the file is not actually downloaded from a central source, but from a huge network . On the internet there are many sites that allow you to download series and movies for free in this way, to save a lot of money. These are really useful and entertaining because they share content that is often very recent and hard to get for free in good quality. One of those portals was Pelis24, loved by some and hated by others, but with a fame that no one can take away from it .

The problem is that these types of portals are completely illegal since they infringe copyright in a gross way. That is why the authorities of each country, especially in Europe, persecute them until they are completely closed. For this reason, in this article we present a series of websites that are just as good as Pelis24 so that they are your alternative and do not remain in the air the day they are closed completely.

What happened to Pelis24? Doesn’t work or have they closed?

Pelis24 is still alive, but no longer on its classic domain . This has been closed by the Civil Guard of Spain a few months ago. However, the developers of the project have not been cut in the slightest and have decided to continue from a new domain with the extension . net , which until now is still online.

What has changed is the issue of downloads. At the current URL it is not possible to get torrents , you can simply watch the content online. By clicking on the ” Download Movies ” section, you will be redirected to another website called , where all the content is ready to be downloaded. It’s a bit cumbersome, but once you get used to it everything will be very normal.

What is really important is that the Pelis24 brand is in the crosshairs of the main watchdog authorities to protect copyright, so it is very likely that at any time they will find a way to completely eradicate it . That is why you should know other websites where you can download the content the way you want so that you do not remain in the air the day it falls again.

List of the best Torrent websites (P2P) alternatives to Pelis24

Ok, now we come to what matters to you. We present you with a list of the portals to download torrents currently available . All these websites are operational today, but we warn you that at any time they can also suffer the same fate as Pelis24 , so our recommendation is that you do not fall too much in love with any of them and always have several in your sights in case you some of them disappear too.


It has several remarkable points, starting with the fact that it is one of the few that has been maintained . It has been in operation for years providing content in several languages ​​with excellent quality. The design is basic, but powerful and efficient, and registered users are allowed to upload content to share with the entire community .


The system of this site is quite balanced , they have content to download that is not much compared to other sites, but this is because they always want to share audiovisuals of the highest quality. If what you are looking for are last-minute releases, this website is not for you, but if, on the contrary, you want to look for an old movie that has marked you in the past , most likely you will be able to find it in a few clicks or by using its search bar.


Almost as popular as Pelis24. Elitetorrent was another good site for downloads, but now that it’s gone we can enjoy its clones, is a good option that has a complete catalog of series and movies , as well as a simple and intuitive interface, where the content is organized by gender. It allows you to view content online or download it, as desired and they are always updating their database with the latest releases available in the main movie theaters in the world.



It allows you to watch movies and series online with excellent video and sound quality , as well as select the language and subtitles, all within a platform with a modern and dark interface. In the same way, you will be able to download what you want via torrent without problems, with the assurance that everything is verified, so you will not have unpleasant surprises after downloading something that is not functional.


Its interface allows you to navigate between different categories to watch and download movies or series of various genres and in many cases exclusive premieres. If you are nostalgic and want to enjoy the almost extinct Pelis24 again, you will love this website inspired by that brand . As expected, in it you will get top quality content and the latest in the audiovisual world.


The highlight of PelisPlus is its design, the interface in general is very modern , but simple and elegant, this has allowed more people to become interested in the site and to navigate through the options to make quick downloads and enjoy your favorite program. Its only mole is that not all the content is verified , so keep an eye on user comments so you know if what you are about to download will really work or if it is a botch that will give you a hard time.


This torrent page is not very well known, but we recommend that you visit it so that you can review its wide catalog of content , both series and free movies, the interface is intuitive, basic and simple. Among its advantages it includes the premiere movies available, as well as filters to optimize content searches


VerSeriesOnline , allows you to view the content on the web in a simple way through links, but also allows you to download to view the content they offer among its broad categories. It is a platform that has been in operation for quite some time and is still available to enjoy its thousands of files to view or download anytime, anywhere .


Since big ones like Pelis24 fell, this is one of the sites that has taken the lead , it has a large number of visits worldwide that exceeds the average for this type of community. What is remarkable is that everything works correctly, they have good content, options, a wide variety, from time to time they have new releases and the interface is simple, aesthetic and modern.


This torrent download community has been closed many times, but it always reappears with a new domain, this shows that the owners are really interested in the site, the content is also of good quality and there is a lot of variety. What you must be clear about is that, like Pelis24, this brand is persecuted , so it is likely that it will also disappear completely at any time . So be careful what you download.


This is not a download site, but a metasearch engine to find the content you want among all the torrent download sites in the world. It saves a lot of time and the result is ideal since it only shows verified files that really work . The detail is that it is also being persecuted, so it is more than likely that in the not too distant future it will be censored again.


This site is one of the most interesting torrent download alternatives. It is very similar to Downloadsmix , which was very popular., unlike most of these types of pages, offers more than videos, it allows you to watch and download movies and series . Among its more than 30,500 links (and going up) we can enjoy magazines and music to download. Although you must also be careful not to “fall in love” too much with her, since several of her portals have already been closed by the authorities this last year.

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What should be taken into account before downloading content via Torrent websites?

As innocent as it may seem, downloading content via torrent is not a child’s game, so it is convenient that you take your precautions before starting to do it from your computer . To begin with, you should know that the authorities persecute the developers of these websites, but their users are not exempt from this, so you should always carry out each download protecting your IP with a VPN that keeps it private.

Another sensitive issue is that it is said that the creators of these types of portals use the download network to boost their personal mining network and obtain extra benefits at the expense of the performance of the users’ computers. So you should always close the torrent downloader you are using while you are not using it .

Finally, you should know about viruses, which are always present when you download any type of file from the Internet. Sometimes they are harmless, but you can have bad luck and infect your computer with malware that is truly dangerous for your computer, so get a good antivirus that will keep you protected from bullets of any caliber .