What Is Clickjacking, Learn How To Prevent It, Step By Step Guide

What Is Clickjacking, Learn How To Prevent It, Step By Step Guide

Does your company foresee clickjacking? Find out everything about this new cybersecurity attack technique that tries to trick users into obtaining information.

Clickjacking is an attack technique that facilitates the theft of private information to the point that it only requires registration in an application to carry it out Clickjacking allows hackers to insert an invisible user interface layer between the fingertip and the content displayed on the device’s screen.

After entering the ID and password , the user may think, for example, that they are viewing the screen of their banking application. However, it’s possible that what you’re actually seeing is a replica of the screen overlaid on the actual banking information.

The bank does not check the private information that the user enters, but rather this information is directed to the file servers that cybercriminals use to steal access data to the bank account in question.

Examples of clickjacking

As Panda has published , clickjacking attacks have been successful against large companies such as Facebook , Twitter and PayPal . However, he also claims that these types of online attacks can target individual users.

According to this company, a clickjacking attack can develop like this:

  • Users open and load a site or web page.
  • Attractive buttons like ‘Play Now’ or ‘Win a Free Ride’ will appear.
  • Users will try to click a button.
  • But actually they will click on the transparent or hijacked frame.
  • Users will follow the criminal’s link, which may lead to the transfer of funds to the hacker, account deletion, or any other type of negative action.