4 advantages of using Telegram as a teleworking tool

4 advantages of using Telegram as a teleworking tool

During the global pandemic that we are experiencing, teleworking has taken on great importance, and many have seen how they must now work from home day after day. One of the tools that should not improve our productivity is Telegram, the well-known instant messaging application.

Today we will see four fundamental reasons you should consider using Telegram as an additional tool for our work.

Available for all types of devices

Telegram has the great advantage of being a multiplatform application, so we have a desktop version for Windows 10. In this way, we can install the application on our PC and respond to messages in the same way as if we did it from the mobile. Also, it has a web version to use it from any device from which we can run a browser.

Allows you to send large files

Another great utility that Telegram has and that can help us during teleworking is the possibility of sending large files. That is why it is an ideal tool to pass photos without losing quality or high definition videos to any co-worker, thus speeding up the process. If we also use the PC version, we can download it directly to our computer and work with them.

Use Telegram as a personal cloud to save messages.

This messaging application has a function such as Saved messages that can be very useful. This function is a chat with ourselves that we can use to send us important messages that we should not lose or reminders of things that we have to do. From this chat, it is also possible to send files to ourselves. This can be important since we can send us a photo or video from the mobile phone and view it or download it later on the computer.

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Allows us to schedule messages

With Telegram, we also can write a message and programming it so that the receiver receives it at the time we decide. This is something that can be very useful in a work environment. Often, we need to send a message, but the person who is going to receive it may be busy, and we want them to receive it later or live abroad, and we do not want to wake them up, so by programming the message, we make sure that they can. Receive and read at an appropriate time. Similarly, we can send silent messages so they will be sent immediately, but without making noise, it will not ring if the receiver is in a meeting.