What are the best websites to download Comics for free and 100% legal? List 2023

What are the best websites to download Comics for free and 100% legal? List 2023

One of the most popular forms of entertainment for generations has been watching comics and magazines, thanks to the amazing superhero stories and inspiring, one-of-a-kind characters that can be found.

Beyond the content that you can buy in physical stores, there are several online sources through which you can purchase issues of various comics, from various publishers, and many other sources through which you can entertain yourself.

In this note, we will show you some of the best web pages through which you can download your favorite comics , as well as some platforms that will allow you to view both comics and manga.

Best websites to download free comics 100% legal

Comic book repositories are one of the most popular topics in terms of web pages , and it is possible to find a huge number of these sites so that you can download your favorite comics at no cost and with excellent image quality.

Kindle Store

Kindle Store

For Kindle users, the website for books on this device is one of the most essential options when looking for new titles of any kind. Here you can find a huge amount of comic options at low prices, and a good amount is available at no cost.

The comics that you can get for a fee are mostly the latest issues of the popular series, while the ones that are available for free are somewhat old or unknown , but no less interesting. The Amazon Kindle listing is constantly updated to offer new titles to its users. Among the most interesting titles that you can find are various numbers of series such as Doctor Who, Star Wars, The Avengers and many others.

Comic Books and Graphic Novels

Comic Books and Graphic Novels

Among the best features of this website is the huge number of comics available , which offers its users a wide range of options in terms of both comics and graphic novel content. All available options can be viewed online or downloaded at no cost , and the site does not require registration to access the features . You will be able to find a large number of categories ranging from art books to manga and classic comics.

Its search system is quite advanced, offering from the simple option of a search bar to find your comics by title , to a series of filtering options to find the content you want using parameters such as author, language, theme, year, etc.

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The web platform of the media company nicknamed the “House of Ideas” has a section of free comics that they offer their users, ranging from classic titles to the most recent issues of their best-known series, with content that is renewed weekly and that will give you the option of downloading them free of charge .

One of the main advantages of this option is that it is completely legal, since it is the official Marvel comics repository, making it the best option for comic book fans. Although there are not all that you could want for free, the quantity is quite considerable. To be able to download the comics you need to be registered, after which you just have to select the “Free” option and choose the comics you want to download. The procedure is like making an online purchase, except that you will not pay anything for it.


dc com, dc.com

Marvel’s direct competition also has a web platform with a considerable variety of comics for those more fans of Batman than Spiderman. It has a complete section where you can download entire volumes of various types without having to pay anything.

The content on the page is constantly updated, so you’ll never run out of interesting titles to read . Although DC has its classic stories and iconic characters, you will be able to find a good number of lesser known but very interesting comics. The process to download comics from the DC page is quite simple. The first thing you have to do is register, and then have access to the “Free Comics” option , where you can select all the volumes and issues you want to download.



Comixology is a great option for comic fans, where you can find a huge variety of completely free reading options , from superhero comics to manga volumes and graphic novels. The number of titles available exceeds thousands and although not all the options are free, it has a complete section called “Free Comics” where you can find a good number of quite interesting titles.


Digital Comic Museum

The Digital Comic Museum website has more than 20,000 titles that you can purchase for free , ranging from a few current ones to volumes from the 50s. Since they are quite old comics, their content is in the public domain. This, however, is a disadvantage in itself, since all the content is old and does not have new features , in addition to the fact that its interface is not very well done and can be confusing or annoying for users.

One of its advantages, however, is that it has some excellent classics, a search engine that will allow you to choose the comics you want to download using criteria such as theme, author, genre and more. Despite being somewhat outdated, its list of titles is quite large and you can find some interesting reading.



Dark Horse Comics is one of the largest and most well-known publishers in the world, with titles like Hellboy, Mass Effect, and The Witcher, among many others. The content that can be found on its page is very varied, and although most of it is paid content, it also has a free comics section with very interesting readings.

In this case, the free content section is only accessible through the Dark Horse Comics mobile app for Android or iOS, where you can download the content to Kindl. In addition to all this, Dark Horse Comics has a section for the sale of figures based on comics and games, and a section where you can buy books in physical format at quite reasonable prices.

Sharing Knowledge

More than comics, Sharing Knowledge is a repository of books with one of the most abundant repertoires of content you can find. However, it also has a good number of comics and graphic novels that you can download for free.

They are not superhero comics or action or tragedy stories , but comics with a didactic function that explain the details of various topics such as economics and finance. Many comics are completely free to read, while others offer a preview mode so you can decide if you want the full version, for which you will have to pay.

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All of the content available on Scribd is free to download , and you’ll have access to specialized textbooks and documents on a wide variety of subjects. Additionally, you will be able to find many free comics that you can download and read on Kindl or in PDF format for any device. The number of options is quite wide, giving you access to both classics and some novelties.

You will be able to find several volumes of Panini Comics, Marvel, DC and many more. All these news and updates can be consulted directly from the main page. Scribd works through registration, after which you can download specific books and comics for free for a period of 30 days. After this period, you can pay a monthly fee of 8.99 euros to discard the download limit and purchase all the content you want.


Open Library

Internet Archive is one of the most popular options for those looking for free content. Within this platform, you will find the Open Library section, where you can access more than a million titles available between books, magazines, and comics. You can find genres like fantasy, art books, action and much more. All content is in the public domain , so its acquisition does not infringe copyright and can be legally acquired without any problem.

Please note that most titles are available in English. You will be able to find some well-known Volumes such as certain issues of Superman, Action Comics, Detective Comics , and others, but most of its content focuses on much less popular 80s comics.

Best platforms to read comics and manga in Spanish

For those times when your computer does not have the memory capacity, or you simply do not want to download the files, there are a large number of web pages with which you can see your favorite comics online at no cost:


Read Comics Online

It is one of the best comics web pages, which will allow you to read comics from various publishers, by giving you access to a wide catalog of titles. Additionally, you will have access to a news section where you can find all the news about the world of comics. Its interface will allow you to access the entire comics library from an access in the side menu, from where you can find the entire comics gallery and access all the content you want to read.



TuMangaOnline is one of the most complete platforms where you can find a huge variety of manga , both classic and well-known names as well as the most recent ones that are still on the air. It has a large number of options and a powerful search function with a huge variety of filters that will allow you to find all the titles you want. You will be able to set demographics, manga type, gender, and much more.



It is a web page through which you can find some titles from the DC and Marvel universe. Its main page will allow you to view all the recently added comics and access them directly . By accessing one of the reading options, you will be able to see a synopsis of the comic and the story in general. If you press the “Read” option, the window will open where you can see the content of the comic, along with a download option if you wish



It is one of the most interesting manga reading platforms, with updated content and a wide variety of titles, from classics like Berserk and 20 Century Boys to popular options still on the air like Jujutsu Kaisen and Chainsaw Man. Its multi-reel interface will allow you to View the available manga in categories such as the latest, most popular, trends, and some others, and each image is a direct access to the last published chapter of the manga in question.



On the Comic Book + website, you can find a huge variety of themes with various titles that you can read. Genres such as romance, fiction, fantasy or drama are just some of the themes that you can find.

One of the aspects that you must take into account is that both the page and most of its content is available in English, so its catalog in Spanish is quite small . However, all its comic content adds up to a total of approximately 3,000 titles that you can read for free if you don’t have a problem reading in English.



It is a blog where you can find a good variety of comics to read at no cost. It has some quite interesting titles, such as some issues of Deadpool, although it should be noted that its catalog is not particularly extensive. It has about 157 comics to read . Being a blog, its interface isn’t very intuitive, and although it doesn’t have a search tool, it does have a list of categories and tags where you can find the comics you want to read.



It is a blog designed for reading and downloading comics where you can access a wide variety of content from different publishers, from Marvel and DC, to increasingly popular titles like Invincible and The Walking Dead. In addition to the comics from the most well-known publishers, you will also have access to certain lesser-known, but very interesting comics and graphic novels, as well as a news section where you can find out about the latest news from the world of comics.


Manga Fox Full

It is a page through which you can read your favorite and best-known manga, as well as being one of the longest-running platforms that are still active . Its catalog is very extensive and all are available in excellent quality. One of the features that can be considered negative of MangaFox is that both the page and all its content is in English, but if you have a certain command of the language, this detail is not a problem.



It is one of the best pages through which you can find comics and read them online completely free of charge. From the main menu of the page you will find a search tool that will allow you to find the comics you are looking for. You will be able to find a wide variety of titles, although most are classic comics from the best-known publishers , such as the Action Comics serialization, with Superman, and the popular Detective Comics serialization, with Batman.

Manga Dogs

Manga Dogs

Manga Dogs is not a web page, but an application for mobile devices through which you can find most of the popular titles , and some other hidden gem with which you can spend time. Its interface doesn’t have too many complications, being a simple display of the latest additions to the manga catalogue, together with the presentation of categories such as the most popular, the most recent and the trending manga, among others. Download Manga Dogs – webtoon reader for iOS user