How to search Torrent files to download series, movies and software? step by step guide

How to search Torrent files to download series, movies and software? step by step guide

Many times we have had to download Torrents files , without knowing what they are. For this reason, today we are going to explain what this type of file is about, and why they are so abundant in our free downloads.

But before you go any further, we suggest you read this entire post, because not everything is perfect. A website like this has its disadvantages, which brings us many risks every time we download.

One of the main risks that we face every time we do these downloads are computer viruses that can enter our computer , so we will also give you a little advice to apply and prevent them.

What is a .torrent file and what is this type of file used for?

Torrent files are those that store metadata, where this is used by Torrent affiliates known as BitTorrent clients . But we can never confuse a Torrent with BitTorrent, because Torrents are information about a specific file , but despite this, it does not contain information about what is inside it.

The only information contained in the torrent files is its location and the different pieces that make it up from its destination. These split files into small-scale chunks, where they are located in the number of hosts needed to store it.

This method is widely used by the cybernetic community to download packages or large files in less time.

How does it work?

These files have a transmission cycle that we can describe in a simple way. First, a client initiates a call to download by torrent, of those packages that we want to download, after having done this, all the fragments are assembled to be able to complete the download.

These files contain the URLs of a large number of trackers also known as BitTorrent trackers, and the completeness of each of the metadata currently found in chunks.

Where can I find P2P links to download paid content completely free?

P2P links are very famous, and we can find them on many sites and places on the Internet that can help us. Below we will show you the most common sites where we can find these links to download content totally free.

in forums

Forums are one of the places where netizens comment on any idea, thing, or experience on different topics. These have a huge number of people.

One of the most common topics is P2P download links , and this is because they are the most used so far to download files and packages. Some of the forums that deal more with this topic are the following:

  • computer group
  • DSL Zone
  • Broadband

meta search engines

meta search engines

These are the systems that locate the information we are looking for, their function is very similar to that of search engines. Next we will show you a small list of the most used meta search engines.


Strike is one of the fastest search engines, which ranks Torrent results , with enormous power to search for all public trackers using the DHT distribution system. When these are decentralized they do not need to depend on servers to be able to function.

torrent finder

This is a search engine that has an enormous capacity to provide quick results , thanks to its way of filtering information and its number of trackers. In this meta search engine we can also find private trackers.



This is a meta search engine that can solve our lives when we search for a torrent file.   This is only limited to searching the most popular networks, such as The Pirate Bay, Torrent Project, Kickass, Torrent Box, BT Scene and Bit Snoop. It is a search engine that does not host torrents and does not use magnets either, which guarantees us a collapse-free search engine .


Torrent websites

Torrents websites have been the most famous sites for a long time, which allows us to download files through their streaming platform. Considered as pirate websites because they are illegal, however, their population is growing every time.

*Note: The bad thing about these pages is that they suffer persecution that forces them to change domains every year to avoid their final closure by the US and European authorities.

List of the best portals to download torrent links of free series, movies and programs

In this section we will show you a list of 30 portals that you can use to download torrent files, so you can enjoy your favorite series, movies or programs without having to pay anything.

Take a look at the list that we provide:


uTorrent is the most popular torrent downloader with stable function. But the bad thing is the slowness, in its shipments or data transmission, this can also be attributed to the amount of advertising content that we can find in it . On its website we can find two versions, one for people who want to enjoy without paying anything but with advertising, and the other paid version, which provides greater enjoyment.

utorrent web

This website works as a kind of browser , where it has a file browser that allows us to find all the content we want and download it . Torrent web, is one of the most used and most named torrent download clients among the cyber community . With this client, we can download files from any browser, without having to download a client package beforehand.


Within the uTorrent family we can include this excellent download client , which offers us a free version and a paid version for only 20 euros a year . This version where we have to pay is the most recommended version because we avoid annoying advertisements.


This is a good and simple option to download Torrents content or files . Famous for not having advertising and having a powerful download engine. It is a simple client, because it does not have a heavy interface or code , like uTorrent, but still from another point of view we can consider it heavy because it consumes a lot of resources, so it is not recommended for very old computers due to how little it can contribute to the client.


A very inconspicuous client, because it has a simple interface, but even so we can find in it everything we need to download torrents. This client offers us a support available to handle multiple trackers, compatible with any Magnet link. The only bad thing about this application is that it hasn’t been updated for a long time, although for many this is advantageous , because they have a PC with little capacity.


Tribler is an excellent application to download torrent files , it offers us a large amount of content due to its powerful search engine. It has a very striking page interface, and in order to use it we need to download the packages for Windows, available for all versions of the operating system. Like other clients, we can download anonymously to avoid being tracked, remember that this is illegal.

Public Domain Torrents

This is one of the best pages to download Torrent , where it offers us the opportunity to purchase movies and series without copyright. Many people consider this to be one of the best portals to do any free download. Public Domain does not have a fairly complicated interface , so it does not stand out much among others, but despite this it can offer us its main function without any failure or error and that is to allow us to download torrent files.

archive org

In Internet Archive we can find the easiest way to download Torrent files , since it has a huge network, with extensive content. We can find on this website, from movies, such as concert recordings, series or documentaries. And as if that were not enough, we can also find LCD games so that we can enjoy everything we want from them . Qualities like this make this website unique among many others.

BitTorrent Now

BitTorrent Now is a good option if we want to download content such as movies and series through a streaming platform without having to pay anything . Although this portal is emphasized more than anything in musical content, so it is more recommended for those who love music.


Bitlove gives us the opportunity to download audiovisual content , such as series and movies, although its forte is podcasts. There, we will be able to do any download for free, and if we do not want to download anything, we can also enjoy those podcasts online. This page classifies the contents according to its filters , such as languages, file types and others. What we can conclude from this site is that it is tidy enough to find all the files we like.


But Torrents are not only used to download music or movie content, they are also useful for downloading educational content such as books or others. This is the most famous portal that provides a greater amount of educational content. Although unfortunately for those of us who speak Spanish, all the contents are in English, but if this is not our limitation we can tell you that it is, it would be our best tool for our studies.



This Torrent portal called 1337 is considered one of the most accessible portals , with one of the best filters to sort all the content. This website has many torrents indexed by its search engine and its users. It allows all its users to download all the files for free, whether or not they are registered in its portal.

torrent bit

Bit Torrent

Torrents Bit is a nice platform that gives us the most confidence to download any file we want. It has the most up-to-date content, with free access, but this free access carries a lot of advertising that can be uncomfortable for us.

We can conclude from the different comments of its users that it is an excellent page, which gives us the opportunity to download, without viruses inserted into its contents , so we can download everything we like without fear of damaging our computer.



If we search among so many options, we will always find Dropcath as one of the most recommended pages. This one had the name DameDivX but due to the persecution suffered by these pages, it was forced to change its name.

In this portal we can find movies, series, anime, and everything without any payment . It is worth noting the excellent search engine that this fabulous portal has, which organizes everything to our liking.



An extraordinary page, which shows us an extensive list of free Torrent movies. We can also find a news section among its categories, where all the updates and new information on the page are posted.



Like all illegal pages, it is highly persecuted by law . On its website we can find a wide catalog of movies, from the most current to the oldest , all for free. We can find content of any language or subtitles . Thanks to its streaming platform we can not only download content, but also watch it online. On the page we can see different categories, such as Movies, Series, Music, and free programs.

eztv torrent

More than a web, Torrents is a meta search engine, of great breadth, that offers us results of television content, whose strength is the series. It always keeps updated results with the latest episodes of each season, and the fastest downloads.


kickass2, kickass torrent

All Torrents portals have something that characterizes them and that makes them stand out among others. Kickass has that something, and it is its advanced search engine, it can be said that it is not a web but a search engine. Despite all the great things about KickAss, this is one website that stands up. Every day the investigations regarding this grow more, for now we say that it will not close but others say that it is a matter of time before they do.



Like the previous one, it has recently suffered a fierce persecution , and despite this it remains strongly on its feet. Some time ago it was considered one of the best torrent download pages, but due to the fact that it has very good competition, it has fallen to low places among the recommended website positions.

In it we can find the opportunity to download movie content, series and music, and all for free . Its interface and page design are somewhat simple, so it doesn’t attract users’ attention, but as they say, let’s never judge a book by its covers.


If we want to download the best movies recorded in the history of cinema, this is the right page , we can find them all for free, in a fairly original version. MejorEnVO is the preferred site for many of the people looking for torrents, which is why every day it goes up one step among the best free download websites.



If we are looking to download movies, series, games or software in different languages, MejorTorrent is an excellent candidate . It has one of the largest catalogs, with the most current content, most of the movies that we can find on this website are in HD and 4K. These Torrent files are free of any virus, so we can be confident that the health of our computer will not be affected.



A Torrent page with quite a lot of experience already, known among many people, although it was formerly called ExtraTorrent . This page, due to the fact that it profits from advertising content, was forced to close, but after his death, it has been revived, of course under another name, but it is still an excellent website, which continues to improve every day.



This is a simple portal , with basic utilities, but what we are really looking for is that it allows us to download completely free content (which is its basic function). Its files are marked with a rarbg tag, which is why many Torrent pages or search engines consider it a powerful option.



The pirate Bay is quite well known, whose page allows us to download totally free , although it has advertisements that can be annoying. Although there are many virtues, it also has disadvantages that are not at all pleasant. One of its disadvantages is the presence of viruses in content downloads . But what if we can tell you that this is a fairly simple and perfect website despite its great disadvantage.



Just by reading its slogan ( No to false or poor quality torrents) we can say that it is an excellent website. It offers us super safe content, free of all viruses, and we can tell you that from the experiences of its users it is a website that promises a lot . This website has a huge capacity for multiple downloads, and we don’t need to install any package to be able to use it.


torrends to

A page that has been providing a good free download service for all types of Torrents files for a few years . This is a very prestigious website among many, but just as it is important for us, it is also important for justice, which is why they have been trying to close it for a long time.

Movie Torrents

This is an excellent portal to download torrents. As its name indicates, it specializes in movie files, on this website we can see different categories that are used to filter each of the contents, by dates or years. On this website we can also find series and thousands of documentaries. We just have to know how to search and find the best content.



Torrentz2 is the replacement for . Many of us know this page because it closed its doors and then its twin brother was born overnight , more than a web page, it is a torrent search engine, which offers its wide community different content from more than 60 sites.



Although previously it had to do with TYTS no longer. This Torrents portal has undergone a strong change in its contents , these being for the better, where now its contents are more youthful, and more in demand, also offering excellent download speed, which many people seek.



Finally we leave this new page, although in reality it is not so new. As they say, if one door closes, two more open, the same happens with torrent pages, while one or two free download pages close, three or four new ones appear, and a living example of this is Zooqle .

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What are the main risks of downloading protected content through P2P websites?

Downloading torrent files is illegal and brings different risks to our computers. But before mentioning these risks that can be subjected to us, we want to clarify that these downloads are punishable, but the penalties are not paid by us.

When we say that the penalties are not paid by us, we mean that these offenses do not have the weight of law for us as users, since we are like a kind of client that has nothing to do with the actions of the page owners.

In Spain, in the Criminal Code, article 270 reflects that it must be protected or that the law will always protect intellectual property in order to avoid possible plagiarism or replicas of these without the consent of their authors.

The circular clarifies that only those pages that, by offering free content without profiting the author , and they profit directly from some advertising content, are considered acts of total illegality .

From this we quote the article of the Penal Code:

“Whoever, with the intention of obtaining a direct or indirect economic benefit and to the detriment of a third party, reproduces, plagiarizes, distributes, communicates publicly or in any other way economically exploits, in whole or in part, a literary, artistic or scientific work or provision, or its transformation, interpretation or artistic execution fixed on any type of support or communicated through any means, without the authorization of the owners of the corresponding intellectual property rights or their assignees.” (Article 270.1 of the Penal Code)


Every time we download Torrent content or files, we can download viruses that affect the health of our computer, preventing it from working properly. Many of these pages are increasingly developing a safe download, however, this has been something very difficult, so it is estimated that 100% of the computers that download this content, 80% are infected with viruses.

We can prevent these viruses with a good antivirus, but with this we must be careful if we want to continue downloading torrent files, because there are some antiviruses that inject an extension to the browser to prevent access to pages like these.

For this reason, if our antivirus is one of those that install these extensions, we will have to deactivate them so that it allows us to do all the downloads we want.

Infect the computer and violate our privacy

These are computer viruses or commanded by cyberthieves that infect our computer, managing to steal all the information from us . This type of virus, above all, is responsible for the theft of important information, such as bank passwords or credit card numbers.

There are viruses that are capable of informing their creator of all the activities that we do, so we must be very careful.

Intellectual property

Although as we have seen previously, it does not legally affect us and neither does it affect those pages that share P2P links, but it does affect those people who upload this type of file to the network.

For now it does not present any risk, but we have to take into account that depending on the demand , there may be a change in regulations and laws and we may be involved in an illegal act. What we can tell you is that using a program or game without its proper license can affect the health of our computer, especially the graphics drivers.