RojaDirecta | Red Card free alternatives to watch football online

RojaDirecta | Red Card free alternatives to watch football online

Do not want to miss any football match broadcast on rojadirecta ? Here, we will give you more than 50 pages to watch football matches pages to watch free and paid

If you thought that 2020 would have no surprises for you, well, you are wrong. Fortunately, you have discovered this website that will give you the best gift to start this year. Here, we will mention more than 50 best pages to watch soccer matches for free.

No matter where you are, Spain, the United States, Canada, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Germany or France, you can enjoy each game as if you were directly on the field. So if you are a fan of this amazing sport, now is the perfect time to kick back and get ready to start reading these great online options.

Best of all, is that the alternatives that we will give you below are all of high quality. Therefore, there will no longer be any excuse that limits you to seeing your winning team live. You will have a wide range to watch the matches of this fabulous and demanded sport for free.

Every weekend, the young and not so young, men and women, love to enjoy a good football match, and streaming has given the world that opportunity to watch a favorite football match for free online, in a In principle, that was the end of “RojaDirecta” , free games, live and without advertising.

And although it is also possible to go to a restaurant where this option is live and enjoy good football in the company of good drinks or beers and the person you want, it is also true that many times we prefer the privacy of home to watch football. As a family, the Direct Red Card gave you the opportunity of free football.

Why watch football matches for free online with these options?

Yes, we are aware that we would all love to be live and direct from the field watching the best play, filling us with that adrenaline that characterizes any fan base, especially ours. However, unfortunately, due to some circumstance, we cannot be there.

But, this is not a pretext to be able to enjoy a good match. Today, there are various options to enjoy and watch the most popular soccer teams of the moment play. In fact, Movistar+, Sock Data or Gol TV are the most common alternatives to do so.

But, what happens when we don’t have a TV nearby or pay for these services? Easy, the Internet will help us solve it.

However, not all pages work perfectly as we really want. Sometimes the quality is pathetic very low , the comfort is not the same, the mismatch of the image takes a few seconds when you are live, etc.

For all these reasons, at Parque Empresarial , we have researched in detail and persuasively which are the best websites to watch soccer matches. for free or why not, you also pay at a very low cost.

In this way, you will be able to do a complete marathon watching the matches of all the leagues in full with your friends: The Champions League , the Santander League, the 1|2|3 League , the Copa del Rey, the UEFA Europa League .

Fortunately, this year 2020 there will be a lot of soccer activity at the confederation level: Eurocup and Copa América . Luckily, through these pages you can also enjoy them.

Red Direct for Android (apk, app)

RojaDirecta is an application that will allow you to be aware of all the live soccer results of more than all the leagues, cups, and soccer tournaments in the world.
Basketball 🏀 – Handball 🤾🏼‍♀️ – Baseball ⚾️ – Boxing 🥊 – Soccer ⚽️ – American Football 🏈 – Hockey 🥏 – Rugby 🏉 – Tennis 🎾 – Table Tennis 🏓 – Volleyball 🏐

The results of live football matches are provided in real time, without the need to refresh the page. To see them, you must select the competition you want by continent, country and division.

In addition to having the latest soccer results, the application covers a wide range of sports.

Internet, today offers a large number of streaming sites to watch live football, but not like RojaDirecta, for this purpose this live football page has been created, this article will give a brief description of what Rojadirecta2 has been has been , the reason for its public preference and why this site had been the best site of all to watch football completely free and live.

Rojadirecta had given the opportunity to watch football for free, however fans continue to pay for their channel packages and also continue to pay to watch football games, although streaming has been consumed on the original television.

Direct Red can no longer broadcast football matches.

A defiant and totally legal Rojadirecta says that the sports broadcasts over the Internet of the Spanish soccer league Santander will continue to be linked through the site, along with many other sporting events from around the world, including the Champions League, Premier League, Serie A, NBA, MLB, NFL, NPB, IPL, etc.

In 2007, Red Direct, which describes itself as one of the world’s leading sports internet streaming indexes (linking to many football events – plus NBA, MLB, NFL, NPB, NPB, IPL, etc. ), was reported for copyright infringement by the sports rights holder Audiovisual Sport.

The company, a subsidiary of the Spanish communications group PRISA (owner of Canal+, SportMania, several satellite channels, radio stations and newspapers), accused Rojadirecta of facilitating copyright infringement in various sports broadcasts by facilitating access to the same through the Internet.

The administrator of Roja Directa told the press that they felt the case had been presented to scare them into shutting down the site without due process.

What has happened with Rojadirecta?

“In 2007 we published a press release in which we interpreted the report as an intimidation tactic with which we thought that the company believed that it would give in to the interests of Audiovisual Sports without the need for justice to be done,” said the administrator.

The owner of Direct Red also told the press that they would continue in 2007 to offer the free service that they considered legal, “so we have decided to ignore them”, however they would await the result of a court.

In Spain the courts were overloaded and the trial and the result of it was going to take time.

After two years, Madrid’s 37th District Court has agreed to provisionally dismiss the lawsuit against Rojadirecta, after Audiovisual Sport’s allegations against it have been undermined by expert police evidence.

In dismissing the case, the court added that Rojadirecta was limited to providing links to computer programs and links that allowed users to view events. Despite the fact that the site contained advertising, no profit was directly derived from any infringement.

The most interesting, the alternatives

Rojadirecta continues with legal problems, lawsuits and blocks in many countries as of 2015, although there are still links, they are being blocked to the extent that users have denounced the links to rojadirecta.

To date, Rojadirecta has continued to have a large number of legal problems, due to its broadcasts of soccer matches live on the Internet, the problem was always not having copyrights to be able to broadcast them.

In this way Rojadirecta has had to close its transmissions and its platform does not work, although even the highly sought after one can already count on alternatives to Rojadirecta.

Rojodirecto to watch football in 2023

Rojadirecta is a site that indexes http links to sports streams that can already be found on the Internet, and also carries links to .torrent files.

It hosts nothing at all, it just contains links. It doesn’t work with a tracker and doesn’t even host the .torrent files it links to.

The other Direct Reds or called Red Cards

Will they follow some links on the Internet that lead to Rojadirecta ? Some news take it for granted, however the transmissions are still not legal.

reddirect alternative

DIRECT RED in Spanish

Rojadirecta is the largest index of sporting events in the world. Rojadirecta indexes the channels and streams to live sporting events accessible over the Internet.

direct red


Rojadirecta Tv Online: La Liga Santander 2019/20, Real Madrid vs Barcelona, ​​Champions League, Barcelona, ​​PSG, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Atlético. Rojadirecta Tv

Red Card Tv | Live football Pirlo Tv EliteGol Liga

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Keep in mind that all the digital platforms that we will mention in this post are completely open, legal and 100% accessible to all users . Without the need to harm or violate copyright. So, we invite you to make the most of them.

Without further ado, let’s start with our list:

App to watch football matches online

If you thought that the options to see your favorite team play and win were still over, you are wrong! We have developed a series of alternatives to be able to have good soccer matches online. Check this out!


This app is excellent, it works perfectly without doing anything in return. It is already available to see all the games you want to see and can be downloaded from the application store of your choice.

Wise Play

From WisePlay it is known that it is one of the most popular apps of the moment. In fact, it is the most downloaded of all. The bad thing about this application is that you have to download the list of channels that you want to see. Therefore, get them by our own means.

Free Live 2.0

With this application you can watch football at all times. Fortunately, you can also watch the games from their website. Keep in mind that, you will have to give it the necessary permission to be able to install it.


This is the pioneer of Acestream. Just like the WisePlay app, this app doesn’t let you watch anything on its own. So, you will have to investigate by your means the location of the links that you want to see in Sopcast.

Fortunately, it is compatible for tablets or mobile phones.

Patriots offered by bookmakers

bet365 live

Bet365 is one of the best bookmakers on the web today. Here, you can watch football in the best way, except for La Liga and the Premier from Spain. However, if you can hear it.

To counteract this option, Bet365 has a live broadcast of the Italian Serie A, the Bundesliga and also the French league.

Likewise, you can enjoy matches from other leagues such as the North American MLS and from other countries such as Finland, Poland, the Netherlands, Iceland, Austria, the Czech Republic, Mexico, etc.

This platform only requires as a minimum requirement to have made at least one bet about 24 hours before the event you want to see.

Additionally, this platform is compatible for tablets, mobile phones and various computers.

Bwin TV Streaming

Bwin is also part of the different platforms where we can enjoy good football and in the best way.

You only need to be registered with Bwin and also. Have a positive balance in the ATM. But if you don’t have an account, don’t worry! This page is so perfect that it gives you a welcome bonus. This is with the purpose that you spend them on bets and perhaps, who takes away from increasing that balance.

Once you are part of its registered users, from the live betting section, you can select the game you want to watch. In general, they are almost all open. Without exclusions of the country or the league that is.

In a few words, this platform allows you access to watch football for free, but you have to make at least a deposit in your account of at least 5 Euros , you don’t necessarily have to bet it. Later, go to the live betting section and click on the game you want to enjoy.


It is another betting house that has the live broadcast of the different most renowned sporting events of the moment.

Although it does not have a wide range of options and an extensive directory of channels, it is always good to keep it in mind. Especially if you are a customer or are encouraged to register, since this website offers a welcome bonus.

william hilltv

Fortunately, with William Hill Tv, you will not need to put any money in order to enjoy a football game. Since it is a completely free online service and from here, you will be able to watch your favorite team play live.

You will only have to subscribe to their portal and select which game to watch: Spanish League, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, third level leagues, Eastern European leagues, South American league , etc.

Betfair Videos

At the moment, it is one of our favorite digital platforms to watch football live. Unfortunately, not everything can be perfect. This page is not as varied as the previous ones, however, Betfair offers enough to be satisfied, especially when it comes to free programming.

You can enjoy playing or giving the live option, the available matches from the Italian series A to the Belgian or Scottish league. Also, watch the games of the Latin American leagues, if you wish.


Like the previous alternative, Circus, it is also a betting house par excellence, it focuses on betting with freebets and also offers each user about 5 Euros to bet without any deposit . Additionally, the normal bonus of 100 Euros .

It also stands out for the series of free bet promotions on a specific event.

888 Sports

It is an online betting house that exclusively promotes the soccer league.

The welcome bonus will surprise you incredibly. Since, they offer each subscribed user about 150 euros of free bets that you can increase as you bet.


Another Spanish bookmaker dedicated to online betting. Currently, it has a huge network of physical locations where users bet. Codere, offers about 3 bonuses.

That is, for your first 3 deposits you will receive three more bonuses. In this way, with only the first deposit you will have a bonus of 200% of your income. In fact, you can go up to 200 Euros.


At Wanabet, you can find, like the previous bookmaker, a variety of promotions and super odds that are constantly renewed a few days before the most important football events, where, of course, you can watch the games online.

The best thing is that if you win the bets, you will be about to win great prizes

10 Payment Alternatives


Do you want to enjoy football to the fullest? Then it is the perfect time to know that Movistar+ has the best plans so that you can enjoy good football. Ideal to satisfy all football fans.

You only have to enter the movistar web portal, register and pay a small monthly or annual fee, as you see fit.

From this programming you can fully enjoy all the football of the Leagues for a period of 4 months.


For just 5 Euros a month, you can enjoy all the La Liga matches with eight matches on each day, each and every one of the Cup. However, the editions of the Champions League, nor the Partidazo, nor the the Europa League.

Jazztel and Orange

In Jazztel and Orage, you will be able to see all the exemplary games of Spanish football. Here, you will have different packages to choose from, all with different prices.

Best of all, is that for only 7.5 Euros you can see the Copa del Rey, the Partidazo and LaLiga 123. But, if you want to enjoy the Champions League and the Europa League, its price will be about 14.95 Euros per month.

goal HD

In this medium you can see in high definition all the matches of the Italian and French league. In fact, you will enjoy 10 second division games on each day.


It is a platform of Spanish origin that allows you to watch the live broadcast of La Liga 123, but not only football, but all existing sports.

The best thing is that it is compatible for Android, PC, Apple TV, Tablet, Samsung Smart TV, etc. That is, you will have access to the most popular sporting events of the moment.

In addition, by subscribing you will have from a week to a month of trial. Additionally, being able to acquire the best promotions when you sign up. So, we recommend you make the most of it.

DTT Antenna 3

In position number 34 of our list, this option can be named to be able to see the best football matches: Champions League, Super Cup of Spain, among others.


It is one of the platforms that offer some of the most important games in the world of football, for example the Champions League or the Europa League .

We especially recommend these two live platforms

This is another excellent platform to watch football online. BeiN Connect allows you to enjoy the Copa del Rey and La Liga 123 with the best possible optimization. No obstacles or inconveniences to come.

We recommend it 100%, because BeiN Connect is another of the sponsors of Spanish football.

DAZN Spain :

Direct streaming platform, which offers and will offer live football, with copyright

Mitele Plus streaming

Where you can watch your football games without any problem, for the moment, although this platform is also facing some legal problems

Also Read: SeriesDanko TV streaming live and free

Rojadirecta TOP 25 online alternatives

RojaDirecta [ideal for watching summaries of soccer matches]

A fairly popular option on the web. In fact, for more than 8 years it was the quintessential Internet page to view soccer matches of teams from Europe and South America for free. However, it was involved in legal trouble for breach of copyright.

Currently, it has a YouTube channel and an app , where you can enjoy all the recorded matches, summaries and even press conferences, all first-hand and legally, of course.

In addition, you can obtain information about the matches of the various leagues on a delayed basis. Such as for example: The English, Argentina and also, from Spain.

In short, you will be able to enjoy everything that involves sport and not only football, but there will also be content from Formula One, tennis, MotoGP, etc. All for free.


Live the emotion of European football and American football in the best way, his specialty is and will be watching sporting events live and completely without delays!


It is a page that is in English, but that allows you to enjoy good football matches for free, of good quality and without cuts.

However, when you want to watch a sporting event, you just have to select the language of your choice and that’s it.

Pirlo TV

This is one of the most popular pages to watch football live and for free. Luckily, you can find more than 20 channels available to choose the one that suits you best, only if you want to watch more than one game at the same time.

The only bad thing is that it is full of advertising. Therefore, you will have to wait a few seconds for it to finish, in order to enjoy your matches.


If you want to watch football live and totally free, InterGoles may be what you are looking for. The modality of watching the games through Streaming .


In earlier times, this platform was illegal for a long time, in which you could watch football online for free at any time and live. However, due to legal issues it had to be closed, as happened with the previous ones.

Currently, he shares high-level football content on YouTube, from interviews to highlights. All under the legal margin.

Tiki Taka’s house

Next, this is another option to watch football from the online broadcast on your YouTube channel totally free. The best pre-match and post-match talks, you will find them right here.

In addition, you can also get a sports betting session to play for your champion team on Twitter.

Batman Stream

On his YouTube channel you can enjoy the best content about the matches of the previous days. However, as we already know all Youtube channels, they live advertising. Therefore, you will have to wait some 5 seconds until the ad is removed.

Formerly, Batman Stream, was considered one of the best positioned pages to watch football for free.

However, due to legal issues regarding copyright, the law closed its website and therefore, only the totally legal Youtube channel remained.


Do you want to watch a football, basketball, hockey or tennis game? Don’t know how to do it?

In Sport Category, you can do it completely free and with excellent quality. The best thing is that you will see your football matches live.


Livefootballol is a free online page that will allow you to see your football team and any other sport you like to watch. All in the highest quality and with little publicity involved.

Sport CategoryTV on Youtube

If critiques before or after live football matches are your thing, then this is the one for you. The best thing is that you do it for free on YouTube.

The entire channel is simple and easy to watch, in addition, the dynamism is seen from the beginning of each content.


Without a doubt, this is another of the most complete platforms that has ever existed on the web that encompasses the world of football. Since, it is excellent in image, video, text and information, covering all the leagues in the world.

In it, you will be able to get data that interests you about: The Champions League, European soccer days, soccer world cups, mini summaries, repeated matches, outstanding games, press conferences, data on players and coaches, among other things.

A website completely dedicated to lovers of good football


It is one of the best platforms at the moment to watch football totally free. In addition, here you can see a summary of the best matches broadcast throughout the week, detailing the results in a legal manner and with excellent quality.

Likewise, it facilitates access to the public so that they can see the directory of available channels that broadcast the matches at the exact time, as well as information on the lineups.


Believe it or not, Facebook has also contributed its grain of sand with sports and new ways of experiencing football. Through the streaming platform on Facebook, we can see the broadcast of some complete football matches from the Fan Page of each team . The best of all this is that it is completely free.

The idea arose with the purpose of broadcasting the open friendly matches. But, the demand from the fans was so great that, until now, they decided to take it further.

For this reason, studies began on the benefits involved between the different brands and competent entities. In this way, put certain football matches online.

This, without a doubt, has been enormous news for all the fans.

With ArenaVision you will be able to watch any sport that you feel like watching in moments of leisure and entertainment, especially when it comes to Spanish football matches.

For this platform to work, it is essential to install AceStream or any player compatible with SodaPlayer .

On the Internet you can get the step by step how you can put this incredible platform to work perfectly

This website also needs AceStream in order to function correctly. The best thing is that it has broadcasts of all kinds and is available in several languages, you can even handle it in Spanish.

The quality is very good, but the text is quite small than normal. So, this aspect should be taken into account.


Reddit is one of the most complete online platforms today. Like some options, it requires AceStream to fully function.

In order to locate the links of your favorite soccer matches in Google, you just have to add the word reddit at the end of the sentence and write it in English, that is, soccer streams reddit.

Generally, multiple links will appear from the different websites that broadcast this sport for free.

ARG Soccer

It consists of being a website that opened a channel on the Youtube platform where they share relevant information for football craks.

Usually, its news programming is quite dynamic and constantly updated.

ftbl tv

It is an excellent option to watch football matches for free.

Here, you will be able to see good matches of this sport at an international level: The Copa Libertadores, Club World Cup, Santander League, Euro Cup, Champions League, Premier League , etc.


It is another alternative to watch football and other sports for free. It is similar to RojaDirecta of its channels and sporting events.

Its navigation is very simple and perfectly organized. So, you will be able to see the football matches you want without problems.

Daily Sports. P.W.

It is a new page that offers the possibility of watching football matches in real time.

Quickly, easily and conveniently. Maybe someday it will disappear, but… Until now it works perfectly.


This is another Youtube channel, where you can get good opinions about soccer matches before watching them online.

Fortunately, you can get super interesting content regarding the previous matches.

On this website you can get streams from almost all current soccer leagues. Its handling is very simple and until now, it is handled with ease.

At the same time, it provides the best options to watch other types of sports: Boxing, Formula 1, tennis, basketball, etc.

It is a website dedicated to sharing information about the different sports broadcast on TV, especially soccer matches in Spain.

Everything is completely free, without wasting time or subscriptions.


It is an option that has almost all the television channels that are in existence. In fact, it has the best soccer channels of the moment.

In RapiFútbol there are free and live international channels.

Football Streams

Finally, an excellent option to watch your favorite soccer team play is Football Streams. Here, you will see live broadcasts at any time of the day, videos of past matches and also the scores of each team. Everything 100% free.

Fortunately, this year 2023 there will be a lot of soccer activity . Luckily, through these pages you can also enjoy them. Don’t hesitate to make the most of it!