Rapidshare shut down? What alternative download websites are still open? List 2023

Rapidshare shut down? What alternative download websites are still open? List 2023

One of the forerunners of file hosting and direct download services has gone out of business, Rapidshare specialized in hosting countless pirated content . It was not necessary to install BitTorrent software to access movies, programs and music albums or enter torrent websites . By simply clicking on the link, you downloaded the content you wanted. Obviously it was an excellent option but unfortunately it stopped providing its services, leaving a void for lovers of online downloads.

This page used cloud technology, which is a service model in which the data is stored, managed and protected remotely, this company stood out from its opponents, for being a portal that had a good speed on the servers, in addition to having a wide variety of categorized content .

For this reason, I have brought you a very precise article, with other download alternatives that are still open , and that can fill the void left by Rapidshare , so that you can continue downloading your content from your home or office; as long as you have an internet connection . Also, I answer the question that all Internet users ask . Is it illegal to download files and programs from these web portals? I invite you to read the material.

What happened to Rapidshare? Doesn’t work or have they closed?

Based in Switzerland, RapidShare started in 2002 to become one of the most popular file sharing and hosting services. This has caused him problems with GEMA (the German Sacem) or with the RIAA, which defends the interests of the recording industry in the United States due to the presence of illegal copies of works.

This company has done much of its file exposure to pirates and has had to deal with a number of legal issues. When MegaUpload, its big competitor, was taken down , the site responded immediately by limiting the flow for non-paying users. A gesture that started the departure of many pirates.

Subsequently, the company has tried to seduce new users with paid offers of €50 and €100 per month. Unfortunately, the market is extremely rich in aggressive players, and this effort never paid off.

In early 2014 , management offered 23 of the 24 remaining employees a rather symbolic choice: quit or get fired. Most of the team abandoned the ship, which allowed it to sail for a few more months until the end of the adventure was announced . In view of this, I bring you the list of the best websites to download alternatives to RapidShare.

List of the best alternative download portals to RapidShare

Now that you know that RapidShare may never return to its old ways , you may be sad, but you shouldn’t be. There are other portals that are extremely useful in this regard, so here are the 5 download alternatives to RapidShare.



It is the name of the website that replaces Megaupload , shut down by the FBI on January 19, 2012. Its official launch was on January 19, 2013. According to its founder, Kim Dotcom , Mega is faster and more secure than its predecessor. The company is registered under a New Zealand domain name: Mega.nz.

Currently they introduced some improvements to their servers:

  • Megaupload’s maximum download speed was 200kb/s for unregistered and 300kb/s for registered, but now there is no speed limit anymore . The upload speed of 80kb/s.
  • Previously, users had to wait 25 seconds (if logged in) or 45 seconds (if not logged in) before they could download a file, but currently there is no timeout .
  • Megaupload had 3 banner ads plus 1 popup ads per download, all ads were removed .
  • Downloads are now done with SSL 256b encryption.
  • MEGA is compatible with mobile devices



It has become a viable download alternative as  it has one of the best free storage services . Due to its performance, it appears in the top 5 downloads preferred by users.

It saw light in 2006, in Texas USA. By the year 2008, it already had more than 8,000,000 million visits . Its prestige is due to the fact that it allows downloading in parallel, for users who are not registered on the platform. Therefore, it is important that you know the characteristics of the paid account and the free version:

  • With the free account you can only host files that have a capacity size of 200 MB . In the payment option, the maximum size is between 5 and 10 GB approximately.
  • Since mid-2012, free accounts have an increase of 10 GB of storage . Payment accounts have a capacity of 100 TB.
  • When a user downloads files, the links are filled with advertising, thanks to this action, they receive money to finance the project . In any case, you can block these ads by installing Adblock.



One of the best storage portals , has expressed to the joy of its users to increase the capacity of files that can be downloaded by those who are not registered with the company.

Until now, qualified “non-premium” users only had 500 MB files available to download, but now they will have the possibility to download files of more than 1GB in size, which has made it the favorite of the download community on the Internet .

Since 2005 they have provided this service and have remained one of the download leaders and have gained a free and unlimited file hosting market.

The company currently offers the following services :

  • You can share information through a link on social networks, blog or chat.
  • It offers the possibility for any user to upload a file to your account to see it with their own loader.
  • It gives you the option to share audio for free.
  • You can unlimitedly download all the files you want.
  • It has free and paid plans.



It is a similar offer. You can download a separate application for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux that allows you to upload multiple files at once . The free edition allows a file size no larger than 300MB, the paid Premium editions allow an upload file size of more than 1GB and up.

To use SendSpace, simply go to the service’s home page and click the Browse button . Select your file and that’s it, all the information will be saved on the servers. Depending on the file size and Internet speed, it may take a few minutes.

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It is a web portal that provides the user with cloud storage service . Just like the previous ones, it allows uploading and downloading of files. And it also has the free and paid options. It was released to the market in 2006 .

What makes it attractive is the file size that the user can upload . I’m talking about 100 GB of data, that’s impressive, but only registered users have this possibility. While the free user can only download files.

Is it illegal to download files and programs from these web portals?

According to the law of intellectual property, every intellectual creation of man can be protected, since it is original . In practice, most online content is protected by copyright, be it image, music, text, film, etc. They cannot be downloaded for free without the consent of the author or the company that represents him or that grants him his rights.

When we talk about illegal downloading, it is mainly about the violation of this copyright . A person who makes available to other users the share, a disc or a movie that he has purchased, but without the permission of its author, is responsible for the violation of intellectual property. In the end it is an option that is available on the web, as long as that possibility exists, people will continue to do it, it is your decision at your own risk .