Pordede alternatives to download torrents are still open? List 2023

Pordede alternatives to download torrents are still open? List 2023

Downloading torrents of movies, television series or books for free has been part of the entertainment habits of millions of people of all nationalities for quite some time, which is the same to say throughout the world. If we say that the scope of this system has brought about a revolution in innovation, we are honoring an unquestionable truth from any point of view .

As it is a complete network of users who can transfer their files between peers without the need to keep their browsers open, the model caught the interest of users surprisingly quickly. Something logical when we see the great advantages that new features bring with them, such as pausing the download and resuming it at the most convenient time for each user. In this sense, Pordede was one of the portals with the most users, thanks to the extensive database of content it had, after its famous hacking of thousands of passwords, things were not the same.

However, over time there has been a constant coming and going of free torrent search portals. The reason has only one name: piracy. As much as we like it, these types of files are illegal , since they allow you to have free access to content for which you should pay, which is why the entities of each government close these websites constantly. If you are one of the fans of Pordede and you have stayed on the air, in this article we will show you a wide list of alternatives to said portal so that you can continue enjoying your favorite series and movies without problems .

What happened to Pordede? Doesn’t work or have they closed?

The Civil Guard recently published a list of portals that would be closed for contributing to paid content piracy . This case has given a lot to talk about, since after the closure another portal appeared, this time with the name of Plusdede , which is claimed to have stolen the database of its predecessor’s users, including their names and passwords Login.

Despite this, web developers do not give up and have opened the same portal with other extensions than the .com with which it was known . However, there are other safer options to this website for downloading movies and torrent files that allow you to continue enjoying your usual movies and series completely free of charge.

List of the best Torrent websites (P2P) alternatives to Pordede

There is no doubt that episodes of this type become a real problem, not to say disappointing, for users who used this website as their usual site for downloading torrents of their favorite movies and series. However, there are still many other good ones available , so here is a list of the best Torrent portals that do currently work.



It is clear that placing The Pirate Bay portal as the first option before the intervention and banning of Pordede and Plusdede does not admit discussion. Through its platform you can not only access new and old movies and television series , since it also allows you to download ebooks, programs and anime completely free.

In addition, your user experience will be enriched by being able to contribute by sharing your files with other users of the portal. All this in a very simple way. The site knows very well how to take care of itself by constantly changing its address . Undoubtedly a classic of the universe.

Movies Magnet

PelisMagnet has been designed to download movies in Spanish , so you will be leaving subtitles aside, which as you know sometimes become real nuisances that make us lose some details of each performance.

In addition to the wide catalog of movies, it allows you the option of changing the video resolution , something very useful when you decide to enjoy the movie on your mobile. Of course its offer includes series of different genres. The download speed is favored by a selection system to choose the best quality material.



When you are looking for Torrent websites, without a doubt one of the best options is to use the Toorgle platform. The site gives you access to more than 450 sources through an interface as simple as when you use the Google engine , so all you have to do is indicate the url where you can download the file you are looking for.

Another great advantage of Toorgle has to do with the legality of the available files, since it uses an automated method to verify the files and thus guarantee copyright. Undoubtedly something to take into account in the aspect of the trust of each user of the site.



This site is dedicated exclusively to downloading torrents with television content , so it is a must for series lovers, who can look for updated information on the ranking of their favorite series with the comments of other users.

In addition, EZTV has all its material classified by category to make it easier to find . Of course, it also keeps you informed about the status of all available material.



This is one of the portals that we could call a reference in the Torrent world . The high quality of the platform’s content has made 1337X one of the sites with the highest demand by users.

For 1337X, technological innovation has priority, which is why it is able to offer content with outstanding quality , where you can search for torrents ranging from movies and series, to music, games, anime, and more.



Another unavoidable in the lists of the best movie search engines of all categories, Torlock is synonymous with trust. In fact, it is considered the safest page of all , at the same time that it has made copyright protection its raison d’être.

When you use Torlock, you have access to multiple search categories within which of course you will find torrents of movies and TV series , along with games, programs, software, music or books. All this on a page whose browsing speed does not leave any of its thousands of users around the world indifferent.



Among the alternatives to closing Pordede, there is no doubt that LimeTorrents is the best option when we think of content suitable for the whole family . We are telling you this because the platform does not allow adult movie downloads, something that is appreciated because we know that children and adolescents enter these portals. That’s enough to ensure that privacy and respect are the pillars on which LimeTorrents stands.

But that’s not all, since this is one of the most powerful platforms with which it is possible to access movies, series, games, music, applications, and more. It is also distinguished by keeping users always updated with information on the latest news of everything it offers .

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To use the YTS.am platform, you will need to create a username and password , after which you will be able to access the search and download torrents. We assure you that meeting the requirement is something worthwhile, since you will have a wide range of content of the best quality at your disposal.

In addition, the page is distinguished by allowing users to give feedback on the site, as well as order content. This seems to be giving good results, since in recent times there has been a notable increase in the number of users .



This portal, which is a substitute for the original Torrents.eu site , is perfect for those who seek comfort when looking for the movie titles of their choice, since it is a metasearch engine that makes it easier for users to use more than 60 sites indexed to its platform. In this way you will not have to go from site to site the files that interest you.

Another aspect to highlight when you use Torrentz2 is that they have a system to guarantee that the titles you are downloading correspond to what they offer you in the list . Something truly impressive considering that they have more than 77 domains and more than two million available torrents.



The growth of the TorrentFunk portal in recent times is truly impressive, so it is highly recommended now to look for alternatives to closing Pordede . The site’s database has more than 500,000 automatically verified files, so security is guaranteed.

TorrentFunk is a portal that you can use with complete confidence with projection of duration in time, since all the content they offer you is free of copyright . Without a doubt this is one of the best options.



The total evolution of these two websites that we are commenting on continues with the same philosophy and attractive design so that the faithful followers of their predecessors do not feel nostalgic. It maintains a huge database with thousands of premiere titles in series, music or movies. These types of pirate streaming platforms are still in fashion and it is that they have millions of recurring visits every day, for a reason, and that is that piracy and the internet have gone hand in hand since the beginning, will all of them be closed one day? We will see soon.

Help the community by checking the security of files before downloading them

When you make sure that the platform you have chosen to download torrents to your computer has a reliable file verification system, you are doing a lot of good for the user community. Keep in mind that the comments will always be the best source of information about the veracity of the file .

In the same sense, it will always be of vital importance that you use trustworthy download software. Remember that using this tool is mandatory to prevent damage to your computer. Likewise, a good VPN and a good antivirus should never be missing from your PC’s tools when you use any platf