Popcorn Time: The definitive program to watch series and movies online

Popcorn Time: The definitive program to watch series and movies online

What is the best program to watch series and movies online in streaming? What is the nightmare of television networks and Hollywood studios (or Netflix) right now? Popcorn Time. Definitely. Let’s see where it is downloaded and if we have the option of a Popcorn Time in English.

Well, a small open source program called Popcorn Time that does one very simple thing: allows us to watch any series or movie in a simple on our computer using the Bitorrent protocol (the famous torrents). 

  • Watch out! You should use a good VPN to use this program. Better to encrypt your connection and hide your IP.

It is the best program to watch series and movies online in streaming. Popcorn Time is available in English: just go to the settings menu (small cogwheel at the top right) and change the default language to English.

How can we know which PopcornTime program download is the right one?

Currently, the official versions can be downloaded from shows.cf/build/, but I always recommend that you visit their official subreddit, but now I tell you that there is no problem with the file, at least in its latest version.www.virustotal.com It usually changes a lot. In case you don’t have peace of mind with your app, you can always download the file and then run it through the online antivirus page where they indicate the correct download url. Github to confirm it or visit this

Eye! If you install it on a Mac, since the software is not signed, you will get a warning. No problem. You go to System Preferences > Security and Privacy and agree to install the program.

Problems with PopCorn Time in 2024? Sure. The official website (.app), forum, development builds site and API have been removed due to legal issues, however they have fixed it with official builds for all operating systems. You can find them at shows.cf/build/.

Is something not working? Make sure you are running the latest official version (as of 2024, version 0.4.9 for desktop and version 0.3.6 for Android and AndroidTV)

Do you have to be careful with apps? There are other apps that use the same name: if you download the app and it shows you pop-ups or asks for money, it is not the official version.

How do you update the version of Popcorn Time? Simple. You visit their website and download the latest version. You install it again and that’s it.

Popcorn Time: what we are going to find in this free streaming app

popcorn time

When we download PopcornTime, its interface shows us the thumbnails and titles of movies and series in a way very similar to Netflix. We can use your search engine or browse by genres and categories.

At this moment the program is in version 0.4.9 and is available for Mac, Windows, Linux and Android. It’s totally free.

The movie or series is transmitted through the BitTorrent protocol. Since most of the series are in English, we can go to the configuration screen (the small wheel at the top right) and indicate that we want to directly embed the subtitles in English by default.

Does Popcorn Time work well? The program is spectacular. The rest depends on three things:

Popcorn Time Operation
  1. The speed of your internet connection line: if you have fiber, even better. You will be able to watch the movie in streaming.
  2. The number of seeds and pairs you find for each movie or series (the higher the number, the faster the download speed): is indicated in the upper right part with a dot to be in green (good) or yellow (worse)
  3. The quality with which you want to watch the series or movie: The higher the quality, the longer the loading process takes (720p is more than enough in most cases).

More problems? What happens if the list of movies, series or anime does not load in Popcorn time?

What happens if the list of movies, series or anime does not load in Popcorn time? We check the API.

You have to go to Settings, find the API Server section and select one of the suggested APIs from the pop-up menu (shown when you click on a custom API field), and you have to restart the application. If after changing the API you receive the following message “The remote movies API failed to respond, please check (chosen API link) and try again later” ( “Remote Movies API could not respond, please check (chosen API link) and try again later”), you must open the link directly in your browser. If it doesn’t open, your ISP is likely blocking Popcorn Time, so you’ll need to test the app with a VPN.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Popcorn Time for streaming content?

Aspect Advantages Disadvantages
Access to content Wide catalog of movies and series available for free. Content may be removed or changed without notice.
Streaming quality It offers streaming in high definition (HD) and sometimes in 4K quality. Transmission quality may vary depending on the number of peers (people sharing)
Interface Simple and intuitive user interface. It is not as good as on paid streaming platforms.
Compatibility Compatible with various operating systems and devices. Some features may not work on all devices.
Cost Is free. You need to use a paid VPN to protect your privacy.
Legality Legality is questionable in many countries due to unauthorized distribution of copyrighted content.
Security Risk of exposure to malware or other online security threats.

How does PopCornTime work?

Through torrents, those P2P files that we share while downloading them. While we are watching the movie or series on Popcorn Time, we are sharing it with other users.

That is why it would be interesting to use a VPN to hide our IP from prying eyes.

Is it legal to use Popcorn Time?

Popcorn Time: The definitive program to watch series and movies online

Well, Popcorn Time is a program that uses the P2P BitTorrent protocol. Using the program is legal, using a P2P or BitTorrent program is legal, the problem is that when viewing copyrighted content with Popcorn Time, you are automatically sharing that file with other users. That’s illegal.

In countries like the United States, the UK or Germany, it is normal for Popcorn Time users (who do not use VPN) to have warning calls from their internet providers, and even complaints with fines involved.

Is something happening in Spain with Popcorn Time? Well, you never know, so it’s better to use a VPN service to avoid prying eyes from your operator. Now we recommend a few.

Eye! The program itself offers a VPN, but it is best to sign up yourself for a trusted VPN that has good reviews.

Popcorn Time to watch series and movies ?

Difficult to find torrents in English on Popcorn Time. What you will be able to do is put subtitles in any available language, or upload your own English subtitles to the movie or series.

Eye! It depends a lot on the movie or series. There are films dubbed into English, but they are not the vast majority. You have to look just at the bottom right, Audio Language to change it and see if it is available:

Search movies and series on Popcorn time

You can also use your own torrent file (magnet) from a site in English, like one of the ones I indicate in Top pages to download torrents. You can play them through Popcorn Time… You just have to drag and drop the file.

Before, what options did you have? You could download pelismag.net (No longer available).

Pelismagnet is based on the Popcorn Time source code (it is practically the same), but they have specialized in providing movies dubbed into English.

The operation is very similar. You have all the movies dubbed into English, you can click on any of them and even see their trailer. It then connects through P2P networks and is capable of playing the film automatically while you are watching the movie.

The only problem is that the app right now is only available for download on Windows PC. It seems that in the future they are going to launch apps for Mac, iOS. There is already one available for Android.

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Security measures to consider when using Popcorn Time: we recommend using a VPN to hide your IP

What is a VPN? What is a VPN for?

You have to hide your IP to watch movies and TV series online with this program, and it has to be a good VPN that offers you good download speed.

What is an IP? Your internet service provider will provide you with an IP of type, which can be fixed or can change every time you access your operator’s router. It’s like your postal address, but for your online life. The address leads directly to your location. That’s why you have to hide it with a VPN.

It is advisable to use a trusted VPN to connect to Popcorn Time (you hide your IP address). I recommend:

  • VPN: The service I am currently using this year. Does not keep logs of your connections. It supports IKEv2/IPsec, OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP and even has a Double VPN to improve security. Speed? It depends on the server you connect to, but it is usually very good. The interface of its programs is very good and it is very easy to use. It has Kill Switch, it protects your DNS, and it is one of the few VPNs that works with Netflix. They have an option with specific servers for P2P.