Megadede alternative websites to watch series online for free? List 2023

Megadede alternative websites to watch series online for free? List 2023

It is the portal that people go to watch videos, movies or series, all in a simple way and its functions are similar to the HBO and Netflix platform , it has a huge amount of content which you can enjoy without any restrictions. no costs. We are talking about none other than Megadede , a brand that despite being relatively new, has managed to position itself well in the torrent community.

The people who entered this site in the month of December of last year, witnessed failures in the service that as the days caused a fall of the page. But now it has “returned” with everything, to offer you the best services. Now in union with the Plusdede project , which according to the statement has suffered an unfortunate loss of personnel, for which they have been forced to merge their project with .

However, this brand has been persecuted by the authorities for years, so it is possible that the definitive closure of its servers is very close. Therefore, in this article we present a list of the best alternative portals to Megadede , so that when it is not available, you can continue making your P2P downloads without any problem.

What happened to Megadede? Are they not working or have they closed?

The Megadede thing is not surprising , the last five years its developers have done everything to avoid closing their operations due to the demands of justice. In fact, this new domain is one of those measures since previously the project was called Plusdede and earlier Pordede , and at the time it was also blocked and closed. That is why when you enter its portal it tells you that you can enter with the user that you already had in the aforementioned ones.

Megadede is not the only portal that is suffering from this harassment. In June 2018, the Civil Guard and other international police authorities published a list of websites that had been closed or censored . This occurs due to the pressure exerted by the large content producers who saw how they stopped earning billions of dollars a year because of websites of this type.

List of the best alternative websites to Megadede to watch series and movies online for free

Fortunately for you, Megadede is not the only portal where you can download content via P2P from the Internet . There is a whole machinery that keeps running and may never stop working, or at least not any time soon. You just have to know the indicated domains.

This is a site where you can enjoy a large number of content for all ages. Find the movies or series you want to see in the best audio and video format. Its page has a great organization in its categories to guarantee a better search.

With the user registration you will be able to obtain different benefits from the page, among them is the constant notice for each update of your billboard , you will surely fall in love with VIDCORN.

The recommendation made by the developers is that you use a VPN , so that when you download with your BitTorrent client , your IP is fully secured and there is no risk of being attacked in the future. It is also recommended that you install an ad blocker so that your experience is not hampered by it.


This site is well known by movie lovers, although it cannot be denied that it has undergone some modifications that improve its appearance. This has the most current content of the seventh art , and if you are looking for series you will also find it there because this is the best in terms of meeting the needs of its users.

It currently has an Android app that will allow you to enjoy its audiovisuals on your phone, at no cost .

Again, the recommendation is to use an ad blocker and a VPN to keep your IP completely secure. It should be noted that in this portal all its links are 100% verified , which guarantees that at the end of the download there will be no type of malicious file.


If you are looking for a site similar to Megadede, then DIXMAX is your alternative website. Like this one, before you start downloading or watching movies online you must be registered. When you log in you will see a huge list of movie content for all ages.

It also has an application that you can download and thus take your series and movies wherever you want. In addition, you can find its contents in different languages ​​and its designs adapt to you .

The problem with this portal is the abnormal amount of advertising it contains , which greatly hinders the user experience when using it. Fortunately, you can always use an extension in your browser to block advertising and save yourself the hassle.

SeriesBlanco, seriesblanco series

It is the country of the series. In SeriesBlanco you will find all the existing series in the world. Something that must be highlighted about this page is that it updates its contents daily, in addition to showing series in different languages. If you have problems with the web or you don’t know something, you can consult it with other users through their online chat that this page maintains.

In this way you can even discuss the content of each series if you wish. Although this portal is designed to view the content via Streaming, it has a download section where you can download everything via torrent without problems .


This site is not the same as before. It has improved its design and thanks to this you can perform better and more precise searches. It contains a huge gallery of movies and series just for you, so if you want to download them this one gives you the best ways to do it.

If you don’t know what movies to watch, then ask for recommendations in their online chat located on the same platform , where thousands of people are connected to talk about any topic. Although in order to enter the chat it is necessary that you make a previous user registration, which will not take you 15 minutes to do so.


This is also an excellent alternative to Megadede , since it allows you to enjoy series and movies for free. Many are the users who know this site because it turns out to be very attractive. It meets all expectations to satisfy the movie fan.

In addition, if you wish, you can establish a connection to your Smart TV or Android TV through Chromecast. The only detail that can be very annoying is the huge amount of advertising that this site has. But the latter can be easily solved with a good blocker .

Although previously it could be found as or .tv , now you can find it as .xyz. This site has a wide range of content such as movies, documentaries, series and even adult content. It does not have much advertising on its site which makes it even more attractive among users.

It has different languages ​​and quality in its content, it all depends on your preference. They do not store any videos on their platform or servers, they only link people to those sites which provide the opportunity to download or watch the movies .


It could be said that this is the successor to Megadede , although at the moment it is out of service they will soon be back online, which we recommend that you register if you have not already done so, since their platform is active so that they begin with the registration of users .

As before, this site will provide you with a huge amount of content, although now it will include new details that we don’t know yet, but what we do know is that it will be to improve this site.

This is a good place to watch series or movies online , although not very famous like other sites since it does not have all the series, however it tries to keep its series as up-to-date as possible so that you do not miss any episodes.

Although series is not the only thing you can see, since it contains a high content of movies and in this they are punctual, because they keep a fully updated list of movies, especially for movie fans .


If what you want to see is Action, Comedy, Horror, Science Fiction and much more, this is the website you need. It is a site like others that is constantly updating its content billboard to the liking of each of its users.

Each category is made up of more than 5,000 movies and series. This site is well known, although not with this name, previously it was called but its domain update and design change was for the better. It does not have a large number of advertisements, something that makes it so special, in addition to the fact that each content has excellent video and audio quality.