How to properly clean a laptop

How to properly clean a laptop

A laptop is a real nest of dust and dirt. The intensive use of these devices means that cleaning should not be delayed more than necessary. It should be borne in mind that we do not always handle it with clean hands. But keeping your laptop in good condition without cleaning is as simple as following these steps. Before starting, think that the right thing to do is not to use the same products that you have at home for domestic cleaning. There are specific products to be able to carry out cleaning tasks and that are quite inexpensive. Make a note of what you need to have on hand to make your gear gleaming.

The cleaning arsenal for your laptop

Products and supplies can be found in online stores, although you can also find them in a drugstore or supermarket.

  • Microfiber cloths.
  • Cleaning alcohol.
  • Screen cleaning liquid.
  • Soft brush, it can be makeup.
  • Compressed air spray (optional).

It is also advisable to use latex or nitrile gloves, in case you are allergic to this material.

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How to properly clean your laptop

As a premise, the equipment must be unplugged and with the battery removed. This point is very important, since otherwise we may suffer an accident or damage the equipment.

The first step is to clean the parts that are usually the most neglected. We are talking about the vents, the place where dust is trapped. The fact that the grilles are full of dust has a significant influence on performance since higher temperatures will be reached inside the equipment, which may cause it to make a sudden stop due to overheating. The vents are easily cleaned with the makeup brush, do not use compressed air spray under any circumstances as you can put the powder inside.

Once the grilles are properly free of dust, we will proceed to clean the keyboard. If you are one of those who eat with your computer on your knees, it is very likely that food remains between the keys. In addition to noticeably interfering with the operation of the keyboard, it is more likely that mold will develop. Therefore, you can use the compressed air spray, which has a very fine cannula, to gradually remove all the remains of the spaces between the keys.

One of the best ways to protect your keyboard is to install a thin silicone cover adapted to your model. To a large extent, it prevents dust from entering, as well as protecting the impression on the keys, preventing them from being erased. If you do not have it installed, you will have to clean the remains of dirt that has adhered to the keys. Soak one of the microfiber cloths with the cleaning alcohol, and gently wipe it over the keys, no need to squeeze. If there is a lot of dirt, repeat the operation as many times as necessary, or insist on very specific areas with a cotton swab that is impregnated with alcohol.

Now is the time to clean the screen. You can see against the light if there is a lot of accumulated dust, if this is the case, gently sweep the makeup brush. Keep in mind that dust may have fallen on the hinge area, remove it with the same brush or with the compressed air spray. Cleaning the screen is very simple, you will apply the liquid for screens or glasses on a new microfiber cloth, cleaning the entire surface well and letting it air dry. The product should never be applied directly to the screen . We strongly insist on using microfiber cloths, as they do not leave any type of lint. In addition, they are like new very easily in the washing machine, since they have a long useful life.

As for the exterior of the equipment, that is, the housing, you can use one of the cloths that you have used previously with a little alcohol. If there are any slightly stubborn stains, insist on it and it will come out quickly. As you can see, keeping your laptop clean is not a complicated or time-consuming task, but it should never be missed. If you keep your computer in a bag or sleeve every time you do not use it, you will be helping to keep it clean for longer.