How can I know if my phone is tapped?

How can I know if my phone is tapped?

If you want your personal data and other information stored on your smartphone to be ” safe “, it is necessary to know when and how you have the telephone tapped. Knowing this, it doesn’t hurt to be aware of the methods other people can use to ” tap ” your device.

In the following paragraphs we bring all the information related to this topic. Likewise, we will also list the signals that a tapped phone sends when a third party is spying on your conversations.

We will also explain what USSD codes are and how you can use them to your advantage in these cases . And, taking advantage of the topic of this article, we bring very useful tips that you can put into practice to protect your smartphone.

Telephone tapped: What methods do you use for this?

Clone your SIM card

Many hackers usually copy the line to intervene on another SIM card and, in this way, they can have access to all the information that you send and receive from your device.

Among the information that can be violated in this way is the content of:

  • The call log.
  • Social networks.
  • Instant messaging applications.

Install spyware

If the hacker has access to your device, he may resort to installing malware or spyware that allow him to intervene on the computer.

Likewise, third parties can also try to deceive the victim and convince them to install malicious programs, this relying on fake emails, fraudulent advertising and websites.

Access to your device

If you have your phone tapped and you don’t know how it happened, it is possible that a third party has obtained direct access to your device and, in this way, managed to violate your information.

Through the SS7 protocol

Also known as Standardized Signaling System 7, it is a protocol used by telephone networks to send telecommunication signals; This can be intervened so that all the information you handle goes to the hands of a third party.

Attacks on vulnerability

If your operating system has a security deficiency, it is easy to intervene without you noticing.

Signs of a tapped phone

Although no user is aware that their phone was tapped, the device usually sends signals that someone is spying on your conversations , such as those listed below:

  • It takes a long time to turn on and off.
  • It consumes mobile data excessively.
  • It overheat.
  • It exhibits “ strange behavior ”, so unknown icons may appear in the menu or messaging service.

These are usually made up of numbers and letters in a confusing way.

  • You can hear a click or a distant interlocutor when making a call.
  • Your screen turns on for no reason.

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Learn to use USSD codes to know if they are spying on your calls

The USSD or Unstructured Supplementary Service Data codes is a remote security protocol , used to send specific information about the device or to discover if your phone has been tapped.

Among the main USSD codes used for this purpose we have:

To check the IMEI

In basic terms, the IMEI is the unique number that identifies your smartphone , which you can check to see if they are spying on you. How? Simple, if the last two digits of the IMEI are 0, someone is listening to your conversations. Also, if you come across 000, not only do they listen, but you also have access to the photo gallery, call log, and saved files.

To know if there is call diversion from my tapped phone 

If you want to corroborate this information, dial * # 21 # and, in this way, you will receive information related to your call log, messages and stored files.

In case the above code indicates that there is indeed a call diversion, you can dial * # 62 # to find out which number is spying on you.

To deactivate the diversion and keep your information as private as possible, you only have to dial ## 002 #.

They intervened my smartphone without authorization. How do I solve it?

  • Notify the authorities about this violation of your privacy.
  • Strengthen the security of your phone according to your operating system.

In the case of Android users, the most sensible thing is to review the applications and eliminate those that seem suspicious to you. If the problem continues, follow the following formula:

  • Go to ” Settings “.
  • Press ” Factory data reset ” and format the device.
  • Install an antivirus.

For iPhone users, they must follow the steps described in the previous section and deactivate the option ” Where is my iPhone “, as well as the purchase record of it. You can also disable location.

Tips to protect your information and avoid ending up with a tapped phone 

  • Use USSD codes.
  • Pay attention to the signals your phone sends.
  • Check your SMS frequently.
  • Keep a check on the apps you install.
  • Download an ad blocker.
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