10 Helpful Actions You Can Ask Google Nest

10 Helpful Actions You Can Ask Google Nest

Cell phones, computers and televisions, all smart. In homes, it is increasingly common to have a screen of these characteristics that facilitate some daily task. We propose up to 10 practical actions that you can ask your smart screen based on Google intelligence for a connected home:

1. Start the day. “Your morning” is the page that allows you to start the day on the right foot—summary of morning news, weather, or important appointment reminders. The page evolves towards “Your afternoon” and “Your night “.

2. The family entertained listening to a podcast, looking for a TV show to relax after a long day, the “Media” page suggests videos or shows entertain the whole family.

3. Control the whole house in one place. From the small screen, you can turn the lights off or on, see who is waiting at the front door, set the radio, turn on the television, etc.

4. Connect with friends or work. Google Meet and Duo are already integrated into the smart display, and Zoom will be Assistant-enabled later this year. From the “Communicate” page you can start a meeting, call one of the contacts or even send messages to your children in another room using a relay card.

5. Explore. Although the new visual experience is designed to help users manage their day, at Google, they know that we all like to have a little fun with the device. Hence the “Discover” page to explore more of what the smart display can do.

6. All accounts together. Multiple accounts can be set up on Google Assistant devices to view and interact in one place, without having to switch between your personal or work account.

7. Picture. Meet on Nest Hub Max will now automatically pan to keep the camera centred on the user if they move. You can also customize the look of Meet on your smart display to make it easier to see one person, four-person grids and pinch and zoom, which will be available later this year.

8. More darkness. Dark Theme reduces the emission of light, being more pleasant for the eyes at night. You can also keep the classic light Theme or set it to “Automatic” so that the screen adjusts naturally depending on the ambient light or when the sun rises and sets.

9. You were relaxing sounds to fall asleep. “Your night”, allows you to select between different relaxing sounds to sleep, from a calm rain, the sound of a cricket, etc.

10. New alarm at dawn. With Sunrise Alarm coming soon to Smart Displays, the screen brightness will gradually increase starting 30 minutes before the alarm goes off, mimicking the sunrise to wake us up naturally. You can also set different alarms for different days of the week and choose from various ringtones for them.

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