ExtraTorrents alternatives to download torrents are still open? List 2023

ExtraTorrents alternatives to download torrents are still open? List 2023

Everyone likes to watch movies, series, read books or play games and what better way to do it than for free. That is why the popularity of torrent download sites is increasing every day as they allow users to get this type of content without paying anything.

There are many websites of this type, so you must know how to choose the best one to download your content. For many years, Extratorrent was one of the portals that the largest number of people  moved  in search of links to copy in this way. Its database was huge, but unfortunately in June 2018 it stopped working, causing people to panic who kept taking advantage of it.

But not all is lost. In this tutorial we are going to show you a compendium of P2P websites to have access to torrent downloads and you can watch your favorite programs without spending money or time . You can go now to save them all among your bookmarks so that they are not lost and in the event that one suddenly stops working you can open another.

What happened to ExtraTorrent? Doesn’t work or have they closed?

Since the end of 2017, the police authorities of Spain and the United States have gotten down to work to close the P2P download websites since they violate the copyright of the content they share, generating millions of euros in losses to the producers and developers. that create them.

By the middle of 2018, there were already hundreds of portals that had been closed by the Civil Guard and the FBI, among which, unfortunately, was Extratorrent . While this project is still in line with other domains, be it extratorrent.ag, extratorrents.ch or extratorrent.cd , it will more than likely end up completely disappearing in the not too distant future.

List of the best Torrent websites (P2P) alternatives to ExtraTorrents

Since these types of platforms were created, they have been very popular and visited by millions of users and all this thanks to the opportunity to obtain quality and free content, however the authorities are also very aware of them to close them.

For this reason, we have lost access to the best of these websites including ExtraTorrent , some reappear with a new domain, others are cloned and some are simply forgotten.

Despite the news of the fall of Extratorrent, we are pleased to know that there are still other options without wasting time on the Internet or exposing ourselves to dangers , that is why we have reviewed them all and below we list only the best ones.


kickass2, kickass torrent

Kickass torrents was one of the original websites that was very successful due to the amount of files they uploaded, all verified to work. After the site was closed the owners moved to a new accommodation with the Katcr.co link with the same design and format as the previous page, but with a new database loaded with content.

When you enter the web you will be able to find some of the most downloaded torrent links at the beginning and if you have something specific to look for, you can use the search engine located at the top of the interface.



This is a torrent file meta finder. All kinds of internet links are indexed on the site . It is one of the most popular and visited around the world, although apparently it is a clone of the original Torrentz that disappeared. It is not known if it was born by the same founders or if it really is a clone project, which is that it works very well.

However, it is good that you take your precautions before doing any dangerous download . So read the comments to know the experiences of other users downloading the content.



This project seeks to offer simple and secure links . Upon entering you will find content from popular uploaders who had moved to other websites, which today makes them have a database with more than 50,000 links to movies and TV shows.

The most important thing is that this site is completely safe and trustworthy, you will not find broken URL’s because only verified users have the opportunity to upload content . They are looking to expand and add categories on the site to offer more files that appeal to a greater number of people. Its operation and interface are quite simple to use; you can find popular files, recommendations, new ones or perform a specific search.



This platform is very popular and has been online for many years . They had closed it, but luckily it reappeared with a new domain. IsoHunt.to retains the look that characterizes it and the same functions. Although it is a clone made by founders very different from the original team, it is offering results as favorable as the first website.

Its interface has a torrent search engine in the column on the left side , where you will find the following options: anime, software, games, adults, movies, music, TV series, and others. Something to note is that the comments, profile and forum are not activated, therefore there is not as much interaction between users and the web.



This website has a classic appearance that generates distrust among many, however it fulfills its objectives very well. There are thousands of urls to download content of all kinds and these are fast . However, they have some organization problems, which means that not all links are verified, so read the comments carefully before starting a download that may contain viruses or broken links.

On the other hand, its highly invasive advertising can be annoying, so you must be patient before you can start the process of downloading the content.



This is a portal that lives up to its name as the best place to find good torrents . It has one of the largest databases that is not limited to series and movies; In it you can also find animes, video games and all kinds of software. The problem is that it has a large amount of invasive advertising that is extremely annoying and makes it possible to do it in a couple of clicks and requires many more.



Despite the fact that various industries and authorities have tried to close this website, Subtorrents remains alive and allows users to download movies and series . On the portal it is possible to find from premieres to classic content in Spanish or with subtitles. There are many formats to choose from and it has a very specific search engine that has navigation menus to find all kinds of content by the first letter or by categories such as audio type, language, or file type.



A space dedicated to series, movies and documentaries that has been on the net for many years , but has stopped updating for several years. No new content has been published since 2015, but it can be used to access the thousands of files they owned before this.

Its database is extremely large and it preserves many movies of excellent quality . The detail is that not all torrents are verified, which means that you can waste time making a null, or you could be running a tremendous risk if what you download is a malicious file.



A website that is not very well known and is very good is BitYouth, which was born to be used to upload films from all eras, leaving premiere content aside . From it you will have access to a wide database with classic and modern movies released a few years ago, guaranteeing that all the content is in the best possible quality.

The fact of not sharing current content makes it go unnoticed in the eyes of the police authorities, which has allowed it to maintain its original domain. One of the few websites that you can fall in love with and be sure that in a week it will not be completely closed.



An option that is still in Beta version , but that is on the right track. The interface is simple, intuitive and easy to use, just enter and you will find a summary of the most popular files. It does not have so many ads, which is a very attractive feature for users and you can do a specific search to find the program or movie you want to record.



One of the most popular and named is 1337X. Its appearance does not resemble any of the other pages of this type; It is very updated, well cared for and has a modern and distinctive design. In the same way, its efficiency is powerful since inside you can find millions of torrent files which are fully verified.

Perhaps their greatest curse is that they are constantly persecuted by the United States authorities, for which they have suffered constant blockades. In view of this, the developers are considering renaming the project so that they can evade FBI attacks to get them offline.



This is a link metasearch engine , one of the most popular and visited to be exact. In it, it is enough to enter the name of the file to search for and the site will show us a list of links to download from the main torrent portals on the Internet. In addition, below the search engine there is a list of the most popular files for those who do not know what they want to see.

The advantage of this portal is that it has a large database that is stored in all the P2P websites on the Internet . If you can’t find it using this platform, it may not be available on any other page.



P2P websites have been around since the dawn of the internet and have grown very rapidly. However, as we already know, on the other side there are many organizations and people who keep an eye on closing them, as has happened with YTS, a very popular website designed primarily to view all kinds of movies. Despite this, it has changed its domain and has successfully recovered, currently offering thousands of the files it previously owned.

Users can make requests for content to which the portal operators respond efficiently. This is a unique feature that has helped it attract many users who need unique content that they have not been able to find on other portals.



It is a relatively new portal that has not been closed. It started as a small website, but it has grown in recent years to reach the efficiency of the most popular sites and to be a benchmark for the best P2P download websites .

The interface has a design inspired by lemons, so when you enter you will find everything in greenish tones and with images of the fruit. At the beginning you will see the most popular files with the information and the link to have

You can also find on the right side a menu to search specifically according to the characteristics of the file you are looking for, something very useful if you do not have the exact name of the program you want to see . Its search bar is another effective tool to simplify the process by directly typing the name of the torrent.

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Is it dangerous to download content from Torrent websites?

Free is always attractive, but it doesn’t always end up being the cheapest. Downloading via P2P has its risks and can generally be high . The most common is being exposed to all kinds of malware that are embedded in shows and movies. However, the latter is not the biggest of your concerns.

You must understand that when you start a P2P download you are connecting to a network of users who share with you the necessary data to complete the process successfully, which means that you are also sharing data with them , creating the possibility that someone in the network can violate your privacy from your computer.

On the other hand, there are rumors that P2P linkers use the computers of network members to mine cryptocurrencies and thus increase their profits substantially . In short, before starting a descent, it is important that you take your precautions and thus avoid having a bad time.