Extratorrent Alternatives – ​​Best Alternatives to EXTRATORRENT

Extratorrent Alternatives – ​​Best Alternatives to EXTRATORRENT

Peer to Peer movie and series sites like ExtraTorrent don’t usually last long, and authorities have taken even fewer steps to locate and shut them down. When these sites are forced to shut down, thousands upon thousands of users don’t know where to download high-quality content.

ExtraTorrent is one of the most popular and successful pages that disappeared and left us to slow down. Its advantage is the catalog. Apart from the continuous improvement of the content in the film and day after day, we can also filter the content depending on the language, or genre after its release, it is possible to find products of better quality. However, it is highly recommended that people who have been persecuted in this way start looking for alternative options, as the end result is more than that.

If you are a torrent enthusiast and do not know where to look for downloadable content, in this article you will find what you need.

What happened to the ExtraTorrent site? Is this the final closure?

Like many other portals, this portal has been persecuted for a long time by authorities from different countries / areas to permanently close the portal. In the last couple of years, ExtraTorrent has made different maneuvers to avoid a complete blockade, but in the middle of 2018, they decided to give up and continue with other less conflictive projects.

Alternative options to ExtraTorrent to download torrents fast

Today there is no alternative domain, but you can resort to other similar torrent download pages, from which you will be able to enjoy different content such as TV series, movies, music, etc. RuTracker
2015, the original Rutracker gave more than twenty-two albums of songs for users to download for free, which was threatened and obstructed by many countries. However, today you can continue to enjoy everything in a simple way through the Rutracker.org interface with an intuitive and easy-to-use design.


This is a Peer to Peer system based on the Google search engine . After entering the site, you will find a search engine similar to the following search engine, which is very similar to the Google interface, where you can search for the content you need, and what Toorgle will do for you is search and provide you with information about that content you want. It can be noted that in the results you will find false pages or viruses, so you should read the notes before downloading any content.

Pirate Bay

This place to download torrents is identified by users who have countless files to download and share . This makes it one of the most extensive catalogues.

In addition to this, thepiratebay site has really taken the security of its content, giving a high percentage of verified documents.

torrent download

This is one of the options that users can use when they cannot get into ExtraTorrent. The reason is that it is one of the web search engines with one of the largest databases in the entire market.

You can find anime, books, games, software, music, movies or series.


Torrentz2 acts as a meta search engine where you can access countless files on the entire network. The best thing about this alternative is that it has lately incorporated torrent tracking in The Pirate Bay or Extratorrent database. This makes it easy to find specific content.


The style of this site is quite simple, inspired by minimalism and has attracted more than six million users . They have earned this welcome with their amazing design and the high-quality content they provide. On Monoova, you can find not only videos or series, but also movies, software, ebooks, etc. The only disadvantage of this platform is the huge number of ads and the apps cannot block ads. If you want to use it, remember that you must live with it.


The leader in torrent downloads is the renowned Skytorrents. This is because from the beginning, the creators decided not to include any kind of advertising and they would not mine cryptocurrencies on users’ computers (because most of these platforms are used to doing it). Keep floating). The unprofitable cost of sustaining the network has caused them to close in early 2018. However, they published each and every file in one place and created multiple clones, among which we advise that skytorrents.lol is the closest in operation to the original.


This ExtraTorrent alternative platform is more important than any anime content and is ideal for those who want to watch movies or movies of this kind. In general, if you search other torrent sites, you won’t find many anime options, so Nyaa fixes those issues after Holanime shuts down . Although the interface is well developed, the files are not published in Spanish, but you can use the translator and use the search bar.


Most of these types of download sites have enormous relevance among users. These sites have a long history and provide content for many years. Like Limetorrents, which was created in 2003, it has a good way to search for specific content and provides the ability to filter searches between file types and other categories.


An ExtraTorrent imitation that has been improved in many ways. Once the platform was closed, a new platform appeared. It has a different field and is controlled by others who know how to use the popularity of the place. In this new website the design has been improved and all the content of the previous one has been added, but it has also been updated and also included a new download link, and each and every one of the revisions and works can be carried out.


One of the reasons why many users visit this site is because it contains the latest news . All content is divided into multiple categories to make it easy to find. It also has a list of the most downloaded torrents, so you can keep up with the latest trends.


This site is relatively new, so the variety of torrents is still limited . However, it has certain benefits.
The network is nice and the content is well organized.
These files are safe
Update the content regularly

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What is the best alternative option to ExtraTorrent?

If you are looking for diversity and reliability, one of the most recommended ExtraTorrent alternative options that you can consider is Limetorrents . The interface is based on a search engine, through which you can access many different types of files. It’s as simple as typing a search term in the bar and seeing each and every result.

All the content gives detailed information about the language, the size, the number of planters and nautas and the state of health of the file. It should be noted that each and every one of the files on this site have been verified, making this one of the safest options.