The best extensions for Tachiyomi

The best extensions for Tachiyomi

Are you wondering what are the best extensions you can install on Tachiyomi? I have already told you that Tachiyomi is the best way to read digital manga (Japanese comics) without dying trying (and without ads) within the Android system. You will also be able to read Korean comics (manhwa, webtoons) without any problem. It is the perfect option for tablets, smartphones and eReaders with this operating system. Your favorite comics at your fingertips.

But to be able to read manga or manhwa easily in this app, we have to install a few extensions… and there are many available, so many, that it can be difficult to choose the best one, the one with the greatest number of chapters. our favorite Japanese comic. But first we have to see how to install extensions in Tachiyomi.

  • Data! Will you be able to install Tachiyomi on iOS or other operating systems? No. It is only available for Android. You will not find Tachiyomi in the Google Play Store either, so do not download anything similar in the Google store, because it is not the official app. You will find Tachiyomi on F-Droid or on her own website. You won’t be able to use Tachiyomi to watch anime streaming either.

How to install extensions in Tachiyomi

We assume that you already have the Tachiyomi app installed on your Android device (I have told you how to do it in How to read manga with Tachiyomi)… You realize one thing: everything is blank in your library. There aren’t any manga or manhwa available, right? You have to install some extension to get them.

At the bottom of the application you have a few tabs that you should visit:

  • Library: where the mangas that you follow and that you have saved appear
  • Updates: library updates
  • History: what you’ve been reading
  • Explore: Where you will find the extensions that you can install.

To install extensions in Tachiyomi we have to go to the Explore tab and choose the extensions we want to install… In the following photo you can see it on an Onyx Boox eReader:

I really recommend that you get a device with electronic ink to read your mangas. Your eyes will be less tired and the reading experience is very good if the eReader has between 8″ and 10″ screen.

Eye! If you want to know all the extensions that are available, you just have to visit the official website in its Tachiyomi Extensions section, where you have a list that you can filter, and where you will be able to download them in .apk format to install on Android. Right now there are almost 1200 extensions.

This list is interesting because it allows you to filter the extensions by language, so if you want to know all the extensions in Spanish, just you have to put it:

Types and genres of Japanese manga

In all extensions you will find mangas of different types and genres:

  • Shounen or Shonen: for teenage boys, with a lot of action, male protagonists. For example: Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece.
  • Shoujo or Shojo: for teenage girls, with elaborate love plots. For example: Candy Candy, Ao Haru Ride, Fushigi Yuugi.
  • Seinen: for young and adult men, with more mature themes. For example: Akira, Ghost in the Shell, Berserk.
  • Josei: for young and adult women, with more mature themes but similar to Shoujo. For example: Paradise Kiss, Honey and Clover, Nodame Cantabile.
  • Kodomo: for boys and girls, with simple stories. For example: Doraemon, Pokémon, Azuki.
  • Yaoi: presents romantic or sexual relationships between men. For example: Junjo Romantica, Gravitation, Zetsuai 1989.
  • Yuri: romantic relationships between women with or without sex. For example: evolutionary Girl Utena, Maria-sama ga Miteru.
  • Hentai: manga with pornographic and adult content. For example: Angel, Dragon Pink, Yura and Makoto. Uncensored.

Of course, then you will find different themes in each category: sports, school, martial arts, horror, magic, science fiction, adventure, drama… and everything you can imagine.

Are there differences between reading the same manga in one extension or another? The truth is that the only difference, many times, is that some managers of these extensions (associated with pages web), they upload certain chapters of the comics before. Then you can change their resolution.

All of these categories can be easily filtered in Tachiyomi:

Tachiyomi Extensions. At MangaDex we filter the mangas

Types and Genres of Korean Manhwa

In all extensions you will find Manhwas of different types and genres. You can also filter:

  • Action: Manhwas that focus on intense action sequences, combat, and physical conflict. Examples: Leveling Solo: Hunters with special abilities fight portal monsters. The God of High School: Martial competitions with supernatural powers and a mystical background.
  • Adventure: Stories that take characters through journeys and explorations, often in fantastical worlds. Examples: Tower of God: Bam’s journey through a tower full of mysteries and challenges. The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor: Adventures in a virtual reality game with epic elements.
  • Romance: Focused on the loving relationships between characters, with emphasis on emotion and development. Examples: True Beauty : The transformation of a young woman into a beauty and her love conflicts. I Love Yoo: A story of love and drama between a young woman and two conflictive brothers.
  • Slice of Life: Includes magical elements, alternative worlds and mythical creatures. Examples: My ID is Gangnam Beauty: Portrays the challenges of beauty and identity in college. Spirit Fingers: Everyday life and personal growth through an art club.
  • Fantasy: Include magical elements, alternative worlds and mythical creatures. Examples: The Bride of the Water God: A magical world where a human is offered to a god. A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special: A wizard goes back in time to save a magical world.
  • Drama: Stories with intense emotional conflicts and situations that challenge the characters. Examples: Killing Stalking: A thriller about a dark and obsessive relationship. Sweet Home: Survivors in a post-apocalyptic world full of monsters and internal conflicts.
  • Psychological: They explore the human mind, emotional states and moral dilemmas. Examples: Bastard : The life of a son with a psychopathic father and his moral dilemmas. Save Me: A thriller that explores friendship, loyalty and the psychology of a group of friends.
  • Reverse Harem: A character is surrounded by multiple love interests of the same sex. Examples: Cheese in the Trap: Love and university dilemmas of a student. Kiss Him, Not Me: A girl surrounded by multiple suitors after losing weight.
  • Sunjeong: Subgenre of manhwa that focuses on romantic and emotional stories, often aimed at a female audience. Examples: Orange Marmalade: A forbidden romance between a vampire and a human. Cat and Dog: Romantic stories focused on emotions and personal growth.
  • Webtoon: Digital format of manhwa published online, which can cover a variety of genres and styles. Examples: I Love Yoo: Drama and romance in the life of a young woman with complicated social relationships. Lookism: A young man with a new look explores themes of beauty, society and self-acceptance.

What are the best extensions to read manga with Tachiyomi?

Which are the best? The first thing you have to keep in mind is that there is much more material in English than in Spanish, although in recent years things have improved a lot and there are quite a few extensions for the Spanish public.

I recommend that you install a few extensions. Don’t stay with just one. Because? Not all chapters may be available in all extensions at the same time. Some offer better quality than others.

Many of these extensions have a web version, but it is really advisable to access them with the Tachiyomi extensions. You remove ads.

  • Watch out! If the manga is officially available in your country… You have to buy it! You can try VIZ.

1. Mangadex

Here we will find scanlations (someone has scanned the manga and then translated it from Japanese). The same thing happens with the Manhwas.

They update the collections very quickly. They all upload their translated versions to this platform. There is no official translation of the manga. In English.

2. MangaSee

Here we will be able to find official versions of the mangas or manwhas. The quality is excellent, but this is not very legal. Updates take a little longer to arrive. It is the site that offers the best quality of all. In English.

3. MangaBat

A lesser known option, but one that also works well. It can be a good alternative if you can’t find your sleeves in the other options. In English.

4. Mangakakalot

One of the options that offers comics more quickly. It’s also the perfect option if you want to read manhwa (comics from South Korea) and manhua (comics from China). In English.

5. Lectormanga: Tachiyomi extension in Spanish

Finally an option to read manga, manhwa in Spanish. You will not find as many chapters as in the English extensions and possibly the translations will be worse, but just to try it out.

6. Tumangaonline: Tachiyomi extension in Spanish

Another good option to read manga, manhwa in Spanish. The same problem as the previous one. Fewer mangas and possibly worse translations. Try it and if you can’t find your manga in Spanish, go to an extension of the first ones and read it in English.

7. And extensions to read comics from other countries?

Can these types of comics also be read? Indeed. You have several interesting extensions such as Read Comics Online, ReadComicOnline, Comicastle, ComicExtra or XOXO Comics.

Extensions in Tachiyomi to read comics

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By installing these extensions in Tachiyomi you are completely covered to read all the manga or manhwa you want. You will also be able to install other options to read comics from other countries, especially from USA.

The good thing about installing several options is that if one service doesn’t work, you have another available. It usually happens from time to time.

If a chapter is not on one of the platforms, it will be on another. In all of them you will read the manga in streaming, but Tachiyomi gives you the option of downloading it to your device to read it offline.

Tachiyomi is a totally legal and free open source program. You can use it without problem. It’s like a web browser for streaming manga.

The issue of extensions is more controversial, especially those that upload official content. Use of any of these sites or extensions is in no way encouraged, it is only published as an informational resource.