Everything you need to know about emailing campaigns

Everything you need to know about emailing campaigns

Emailing campaigns are increasingly used, thanks to its high profitability, in addition to all its advantages.

Numerous studies claim that email is one of the best means to include in digital marketing, with the highest ROI since almost 99% of people use email daily.

Therefore, knowing how to create an emailing campaign in your company’s marketing strategy is essential to increase your potential customers.

Pay attention to learn how to design the perfect email campaign for your company.

The best time to send an email campaign

The best time to send an email campaign depends on the subject of the message, the lifestyle and habits of the audience, and the day of the week.

Usually, the best days are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday because Monday is the busiest day of the week, and on Friday, people try not to leave anything for the next week and tackle their weekly tasks.

As a general rule, the best times are:

  • 6 in the morning; many people have a habit of checking their phones in bed;
  • 10 in the morning; people also check their emails at the beginning of the workday.
  • 8 pm to midnight because during these hours, people are usually free and many of them have the habit of reading emails before going to sleep.

7 Types of emailing campaigns

There are many types of mailing campaigns, so it is necessary to choose a style that helps to achieve your company’s objective.

1. Welcome emails . 

A welcome email is sent when a user subscribes to your mailing list. Ask them to set their preferences regarding the frequency of email and the content they will receive to feel much more comfortable.

2. Email announcements . 

These are sent to announce an upcoming event, new product launch, or special promotions. The goal is to get your subscribers interested and to encourage them to buy or visit.

3. Request for customer testimonials . 

This email campaign is sent to ask customers to leave feedback by commenting, reviewing, or completing a survey to improve the service.

4. Post office announcing specific dates

These emailing campaigns involve people with holiday discounts before Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, Christmas, New Years, and other holidays. Build trust and strengthen the positive emotions associated with your brand.

5. Reactivation of emails . 

Emails are sent to inactive customers who have lost interest or have forgotten about your business. Don’t just say goodbye to them. Try to reactivate them and remind them of how much value you can share.

6. Abandoned shopping cart

Sometimes subscribers leave items in the shopping cart without purchasing them for some reason. An abandoned cart email suggests that subscribers return to their carts and inspires them to complete the purchase.

7. Newsletters . 

The most widespread email campaign. They provide customers with valuable, non-promotional information. Done right, newsletters help brands build trustworthy and loyal relationships with people.

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