The 7 Best Alternatives When EPUBLIBRE Doesn’t Work

The 7 Best Alternatives When EPUBLIBRE Doesn’t Work

Reading is an ancient action. Currently, it is also part of people’s daily activities, ideal to perform anywhere or at any time. For that simple reason, for lovers of knowledge EPUBLIBRE is an excellent option for healthy entertainment.

However, sometimes this amazing page goes down due to the number of users entering the virtual system. Luckily, new digital alternatives have emerged when the platform stops working.

Next, we will mention the most popular virtual libraries on the Internet, apart from Epublibre .

The 7 best options after Epublibre

1. Lectulandia, ideal when Epublibre does not work

The Lectulandia platform offers many possibilities for accessing very good titles. Within its interface we can see a large number of options for books to download in excellent quality and various formats such as EPUB and PDF.

In this space, with just one click you can have at your fingertips the links to obtain the ebooks you wish to access.

We must mention that this platform has advertisements, but this is not an impediment to enjoying this good alternative.


Bubok has a variety of files to download, such as good ebooks, the most successful books in history and also those that are free with free copyrights.

On the other hand, through this platform, you can edit and publish your books under your own authorship, helping you to be known in the world of literature for free and without profit.


Another excellent option that you can alternate with Epublibre is . Here, you will have access to download digital books for free and without running into any kind of legal problems.

By accessing this website, you will have access to a huge digital library with more than 55,231 files, which include: ebooks, audiobooks and documents to be freely downloaded.


This gigantic and multi-million dollar platform has led the internet with its exclusive line of ebooks, podcasts and books through its kindle application, which you can get from Google Play.

Currently, it is a paid site. However, free books can be found in the section that corresponds to you.


Wikimedia launched a project where WikiSource was born, a website that compiles many texts of different genres, finding a large number of stories, essays, fables, novels and even poetry in various languages ​​with copyright freedoms, having the opportunity to download them easily.

6. Spacebook

Espaebook is one of the platforms that you can put on your list of alternatives if Epublibre goes down.

It is very easy to use with a unique interface for users. It has a large catalog where you can find almost all the issues you want to read.

Because it is a free site, it does not get rid of the presence of those annoying advertisements that pop up from windows. However, even so, it is a place that is highly visited by thousands of readers on a daily basis.

7. Bookcrossing

Finally, we have Bookcrossing, a perfect place to download high-quality literary works.

This platform is multifunctional, since it also serves as a social network, where you can share your opinions and other topics regarding the world of literature and reading. Without a doubt, it is one of the best that we can get on the web.

On this platform, it allows you to share your digital downloads, access various debates, conversations between reading fans, and even get to know new people who have the same interest as you.

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Read, learn and have fun reading

It is fantastic that you can now combine the tastes of literature with these incredible alternatives.

Fortunately, the Internet has endless other options, both paid and free, that fulfill the same function: entertain and offer extensive catalogs of book downloads. Do not wait any longer and always choose the option that best suits you and suits your needs.

We hope this article has been of great help to you. If you have any other alternative that we have not mentioned in our list, let us know in our comments box.