How to download Dailymotion videos to watch offline legally? step by step guide

How to download Dailymotion videos to watch offline legally? step by step guide

Dailymotion is a platform that is growing steadily in recent times, it keeps winning many battles against its competitor YouTube . This is due to different benefits that it offers to users and unique features.

Downloading audiovisual content , be it a movie, a television series or any other video, and being able to view this file when we don’t have Internet access, is one of the most important advantages that technology offers us today.

We will tell you in detail in this post, why many people turn to Dailymotion . In addition, we will teach you the best tools so that you can download videos no matter what device you have. We will analyze its main characteristics so that you take them into account.

What are the main advantages of downloading Dailymotion videos?

This platform, which is dedicated to allowing users to upload and download videos, movies, documentaries and any other audiovisual content, has many advantages when choosing this tool.

For this, we have analyzed the most outstanding by users, they are :

  • We can enter without being registered directly , we simply enter the website and we can access different contents.
  • We can receive criticism and comments from other users of the content that we have uploaded.
  • There is the possibility of privately sharing our movies or videos and sharing the link with the people we can choose.
  • It offers the alternative that we can issue our opinions about the audiovisual content of other users and thus form different discussions.
  • Belonging to a community , whose members are interested in the same tastes that we have.
  • Be informed through notifications , when there are movements of income from new content to the platform.
  • It is possible to assign a list of favorites to each of these programs and thus have our list of videos organized .
  • We can subscribe to certain users so that we have a closer relationship and can exchange our content more directly.
  • If we need to upload or download high-quality videos , we can do it without any problems.
  • We can watch movies without being connected to the Internet , since we downloaded it to our mobile or to any SD card previously.

Steps to Download Dailymotion Videos to Watch Offline

There are different steps to download audiovisual content through Dailymotion. We can do these simple processes according to the operating system that we have on our devices, whether they are computers or mobile phones.

Next, we detail the steps you must follow for each of these operating systems :

On Windows and macOS

To download to our computers we can do it after choosing between different tools that work as extensions for browsers, regardless of whether our operating system is Windows or MacOS. We can also do it through online tools .

Once we have downloaded the video, we will have to host it on our device or on any other storage medium. When we are without Internet access, we simply choose a playback application and we can enjoy the video calmly.

To take as an example we will use the application “4K Video Downloader” , which is compatible for both operating systems.

Download 4K Video Downloader Windows

We will have to carry out this step-by-step guide:

  • Once we have installed “4K Video Downloader” , we enter ” Dailymotion “.
  • We look for the video we want to download.
  • We copy the URL of it.
  • We paste it into the application window.
  • We select the way in which we want to download the video, in terms of its quality, audio and image format.
  • We choose “ Download ”.
  • We select “ Show in folder ”.

If we want to do it online we will use

In order to download the audiovisual content we will follow these steps :

  • We open our browser.
  • We write “”.
  • We turn to
  • We look for the video that we want to download.
  • We copy URL, which is in the address bar.
  • We paste it in the bar of the “” page.
  • We click on the arrow that is located on the right.
  • It will show us the folder where the visual content was saved.

Later we will explain the different tools for each of them.

On Android or iOS

As with computers, for our mobiles we will also have to work with a tool. But unlike the latter ( and as we want to see later without the Internet ) we will have to download the Dailymotion application directly from the Google Play Store or App Store . In order to download a video directly from the official app we are going to follow these steps step by step.

If we have already defined what we are going to look for, we will do these steps :

  • We open the application.
  • We press “Search” located at the bottom of our screen, chopped with a magnifying glass.
  • We write what we are looking for.
  • We select from the list that will appear.
  • We press “Download”.

Sometimes it happens to us that we don’t know what we are going to see, we simply need or want to be distracted by different categories and suddenly an interesting video appeared and we want to have it on our mobile.

To download a video we can do these steps :

  • We open the application.
  • We go to “Menu” , located in the upper right part of the screen.
  • We see different categories and choose one, for example, “News”.
  • We click.
  • A list of each of the available videos will not appear.
  • We chose one.
  • And we press “Download”.

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List of the best tools to download videos from the Dailymotion platform

There are different tools with which we can download videos through the Dailymotion platform. In this article we have analyzed each one of them and we have chosen the best ones to recommend to you .

Before we continue, we want to tell you what are the steps to sign up for Dailymotion :

  • In our browser we write “”.
  • We look for the “Sign up” option.
  • We complete all personal data.
  • We choose a username and password.
  • Next, we will have to read the general terms of use.
  • We click on “Validate your registration”.
  • In those moments we will receive an email in our mailbox indicating a link for us to click on it.

Once we know how to register, we are in a position to recommend the best tools to download videos :

Video DownloadHelper

The extension that we present to you works for both Mozilla’s Firefox browser and Google’s Chrome.

Its installation is very simple and we will only have to :

  • Go with our browser to the page of this software and click on “Install”.
  • It will ask us what the certain permissions grant it.
  • We choose the “Add” option.
  • We click on “Allow this extension to run in private windows”.
  • We select “Okay, understood”.
  • We look for “Install”.
  • And we can choose between installing it for Firefox, by clicking on “Install from Mozilla”.
  • well in Chrome, for which we will click on “Install from Chrome Web Store”.

Video Downloader Professional

This extension can be found in the Chrome Web Store. We will follow these steps :

  • We will click on “Add to Chrome”.
  • A pop-up window will ask us if “Do we want to install Video Downloader Professional? ”.
  • We click on “Add extension”.
  • The icon can be seen next to the address bar.

We can download our videos in different formats with this page .

  • For this we will have to go to the address of “Dailymotion Converter”.
  • We copy the URL into Dailymotion.
  • We paste it in the page bar.
  • After a while it doesn’t show the upload destination folder.

VideoDuke – Ultimate Mac video downloader

It is an application intended for computers with the MacOS operating system. Its download is very simple, we just have to go in our browser to the application page and press “Download”

Download VideoDuke Downloader MacOS

JDownloader for Mac OS X

Another application designed for our Mac, it has an open source system, so its download is free. The steps for its installation are very simple and we will have to follow the instructions of the wizard.

Download JDownloader 2 for MacOS X

Video Downloader for Dailymotion

We will not be able to find this application in the Google Play Store, its download size is a little more than 3 MB that gives us the possibility of downloading videos as long as we grant permission to read content that we have on an SD card and access to the network to which we are connected.

Full HD Video Downloader

It is an application for Android that allows you to download with very good speed. It supports MP4 and MP3 formats among others. You can download HD videos up to 1080px.

Freemake Video Converter

This application, available for both Android and iPhone, you can download all video formats, it is not necessary to take into account the quality of the video because we can do it without any inconvenience.

Download Freemake Video Converter Android


This reliable application can download Dailymotion videos in different formats and with very good quality. Its steps to download are very simple and intuitive, so we won’t waste much time.

Download ClipGrab Windows