DonTorrent – ​​Best Alternatives

DonTorrent – ​​Best Alternatives

For a long time, DonTorrent has been the favorite page for thousands and thousands of people to watch movies, series, and other works for free. In short, this means that it is the most visited site for this kind of search on the Internet.

However, due to the implementation of the Intellectual Property Law, DonTorrent is concerned about the handling of content that is still protected by copyright throughout the world. This has hurt hundreds and hundreds of these sites as well. However, there are many options worth considering as they do a good job of managing high-quality content.

In the same way, you should keep in mind that there will be multiple pages that claim to be DonTorrent when you search the Internet , so be very careful when visiting these types of sites, since many of them are nests of malware and only they will infect your computer.

Due to legal issues, the paradise for movie viewers who cannot download this genre has become an unstable platform. It is for this reason that the Web continues to change domains and even stops working regularly and becomes untraceable. So far this year, it has made 3 changes to its domain name, and the most stable domain name.

Alternative options to DonTorrent to download torrents on the network of networks

Regardless, flash downloads are very common and you can find many alternative ways to continue delivering high-quality content. Each and every option is given in the updated list now.


MejorTorrent is not the best alternative to DonTorrent, due to the fact that it does not have as many torrent files and links as other alternatives . However, it has a point to highlight, it is that most of its titles are in Spanish . It is quite difficult to find others. platforms, and we must spend a good time searching to find movies with audio in Spanish.

Don’t worry though, you will still find pretty much all the movie content you want to download. In general, it is very complete, but very simple and, sometimes, we just need it.

Pirate Bay

For a long time, it has been the best alternative option to DonTorrent because it is a very complete site where you can find all kinds of torrents, not only movies, but also series, reports, games, applications, etc. It has experienced legal problems, but it is different, it has overcome these problems and has managed to maintain its position in the industry.


Some time ago, there was an ExtraTorrent site to download movies, and it was positioned as one of the best alternatives to DonTorrent. The authors left the project and soon after opened ETTV, which operates similarly to The Pirate Bay and also integrates search engines and different filters so that the user community can find movies and series more quickly.

It lets you download torrent files and access them directly with the program through .magnet, which allows you to download content without downloading files from the Internet.


ExtraTorrent is a great alternative option, it has positioned itself as the number one movie downloader in the world , and although it also encountered legal problems, it managed to sustain itself and find a way to continue providing content to its users.

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This is the second version of Torrentz, which was totally blocked at the time, and so Torrentz2 appeared, which is an alternative option to DonTorrent, which has a nice simple space that can work well. You will be able to download multiple movies in Spanish and English without problem, and you will also be able to find music.

It is worth mentioning that it can be used as a metasearch engine, it can index more than sixty-three torrent sites to carry out any search in real time and provide you with the results you need, thus providing greater practicality.


This platform only focuses on movies, which makes it very unique in that when you type, you are only going to see titles that you are likely to download. You can only compile the highest quality HD movie seeds.


It’s a meta search engine that can index more than 102,294,400 million seed files, right? This is where you can locate the movie you want to download. Just enter the name and a new window will appear with each and every one of the free options to download. Yes, it is essential that you check the detailed information of the movie, such as its language, Duration and quality, because you can download titles without quality and subtitles.


1337x is a site that has been around the internet for quite some time and is doing well. In it, you can find all kinds of movies, games, music, apps, anime, reports and more . After entering the platform itself, it will tell you to use the 1337xgd domain.

Its interface is very simple, it only contains a central search engine and has different categories below it.


EZTV is a great alternative to DonTorrent as it is a portal site that can give you countless downloadable content. Of course, its interface is a bit confusing, but you have some essential aspects, such as classifying your searches by movie resolution: 480p, 720p, etc. In addition, you will find FullHD images, so don’t worry.


Virtually all the content on this site to download torrent movies is in Spanish . Yes, it only has media content, so when you enter content, you will find a friendly platform that offers you a lot of information about the title that interests you. Consequently, it is one of the purest options we have found on the list.

There is also content in English, so don’t worry, if we tell you that it is one of the best alternatives to DonTorrent, you should try it.

torrent downloads

The site has around seven million free torrent files to download, but this is because it has been in the industry for quite some time and has made serious commitments to its community. Downloading any title is a good option, and one of its positive aspects is that it will continuously update its content.

You can download TV shows, movies, music, games, apps, anime, books and more on it.


This is another survivor that is worth mentioning because it offers us a direct search engine where we can find movies, series, music, games, applications and other torrent files regardless of their category. Lately, it has become very popular among users all over the world, so make it one of the most stable options today.


TorrentParadise is a good match for DonTorrent as it has a database of over twenty five million index files free to download. It also lets you choose files by different categories. He mentioned that users recently rated this place as a peaceful place. Does your name have anything to do with it?


Zooqle is a relatively young site similar to PeliculasFLV , but because it has countless users and uploaders, it has successfully positioned itself as one of the best options . It has a lot of security and stability and can attract a stream of movies, series and other movies.

Logically, locating content in Spanish is somewhat complicated, so keep this in mind, since most of the content is available in English.


It is one of the best sites to download content in Spanish. Its ranking includes movies, series, reports, anime and more . Unlike other sites, it does not have any kind of scripts or malware downloads, so you will be on a totally safe site with a very secure interface.