DivxTotal alternatives to download torrents are still open? List 2023

DivxTotal alternatives to download torrents are still open? List 2023

That is the question that more than 18 million users of the P2P (Peer to Peer) network ask themselves, but in an ironic way, since at the beginning of 2018 the Civil Guard of Spain led by the Central Operations Unit (UCO) began a campaign to block websites for downloading content protected by copyright . At first it was not taken very seriously, but throughout 2018 they gave a strong message in that regard.

In total there are 23 web pages that linked for free to sites where protected audiovisual content was downloaded, and in some cases without having yet been released in Spain. These were closed by the authorities and their developers called to trial, some of which lost with consequent millionaire fines. Despite all this, the number 1 torrent download website in Spanish is still active; Thanks to the master minds that run Divxtotal, they have managed to evade in an ingenious and slippery way any initiative of total blockade by the Spanish Authorities.

However, the persecution continues and it is possible that at some point they will stop working completely. That is why we bring you here the best alternatives to Divixtotal so that in case it closes, you can continue downloading via torrent without any problem.

What happened to DivxTotal? How have they managed to stay open?

According to statements issued by the Spanish authorities, those responsible for this page have used various methods to circumvent and evade a possible closure or blocking .

Clever strategies such as hiding the real location of its servers and continuous changes of location in various countries are part of its elusive maneuvers. It must be added that the free publicity they received in different media due to the judicial processes have made Divx Total increasingly popular .

Despite this, the controversial website number 1 in the Spanish language continues to set the standard this year and from now on, because its quality is indisputable. Advertising is very low and this speeds up web traffic, the number of torrent files is very high and the number of those who share the files from their computers (seeds) is higher than the rest of the other search engines. However, they are more than warned by the authorities, so it is possible that sooner or later they will be censored.

If you want to enter this website that started with the domain extension .com, it changed to .co and now we find it in divxtotal3.net or divxtotal.one,  which one will be next?

List of the best torrent file pages (P2P) alternatives to DivxTotal

In the event that the well-known website is completely closed, you should know the Torrent download pages that we will show you below so that you have no problem continuing to download your favorite files via torrent. These portals also have a great reputation and are recognized for the quality of their content.



Portal that is more than 15 years old and that in the last 2 years has had a growth in user contributions of 50%, which is reflected in its 3 million online files and around 19 million unique users. Despite the fact that it was the first portal officially closed in Spain, it continues to operate.

It is not surprising that it is one of the most audited, the truth is that the quality of its content is superior to that found in other portals. All its files are verified, so you won’t get unpleasant surprises when you finish downloading. Here you can get torrents of movies, series, software and video games.


kickass2, kickass torrent

It began to operate on the network in 2009 as an alternative option due to the wave of closures at that time. Although, in 2016 they were closed and their owner was arrested, they have managed to make the necessary movements and adjustments to stay legally in their judgment. After that, in less than 3 years it has become the second most visited search engine in the world .

This is not the only KickassTorrent brand portal operating , there are several more that are still active, but some should be taken care of as many are clones with multiple malicious files in their databases. What we can assure you is that this one that we recommend is one of the real ones and in it you can download all kinds of movies, series and programs for computers .



They are currently considered by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) as one of the kings of piracy, it is undoubtedly one of the most visited torrent search portals in the world. Although they stopped working in 2017, their collaborators founded a new download platform called ETTV , and there are other websites with new extensions that continue to work.

As is normal for this great brand, you can find content of the highest quality and, most strikingly, extremely innovative. In fact, on many occasions they publish films before their world premieres . It is not surprising that they are in the crosshairs of the authorities as a priority.



A little-known brand in Spain since most of its content is in English or subtitled. However, it is worth taking it into account because its quality is one of the best that can be found on the internet . In addition, they have a very efficient work team that verifies all the torrents to guarantee their users that they will not have a hard time when they finish downloading.

In their database they have millions of files in which the movies are the most downloaded. You will be able to find content in 720, 1080 and even 3D quality . Are you still wondering if it’s worth it? sure not, so you can start bookmarking it so you can always get to it as quickly as possible.



He is a specialist in TV content, specifically series, which are very fashionable these days, which is why his visits are increasing more and more due to the boom in television series. Now that the premiere of the last season of Game of Thrones approaches , it is possible that it will be visited even more by the viral phenomenon that this series inspires.

If you don’t want to miss a single episode of this and other series, it’s best to keep an eye on the publications on this page, which is updated weekly. You will be able to find everything you are looking for quickly thanks to its effective organization and its search bar .



Another portal undervalued by consumers of P2P downloads in Spanish since most of its content is in English. However, they will like this one more than the previous one since it does have a lot of high-quality Spanish-speaking content . In addition, they verify all their torrents to guarantee the security of their Internet users.

In this portal you can find all kinds of movies, series and programs for computers as well as video games. Everything is very secure, but it is still recommended to use a VPN to improve privacy and avoid bad times in the future.

Is it illegal to download torrent content, movies and series from this website?

You have to make it clear that these pages operate illegally, but it is very difficult to prevent them from existing. As they close one, 3 appear instantly. The Sinde law declares that copyrighted content is penalized when it is distributed without the consent of the author.

The owners earn such large sums of money that they face the consequences of temporary closures and fines. What is clear is that the visitors who download these audiovisual materials are free of guilt .

What are the risks of making these types of downloads?

While the law leaves you off the hook for downloading this type of content, there are other risks you run every time you connect to a P2P network to obtain the information . This type of network works by linking computers remotely to a server, which allows the person who initiates the process of downloading the content to take fragments of it from the other computers connected to the network.

While it is very unlikely to happen this way, it is possible that someone with enough knowledge could remotely break into your computer and steal important information from it. That is why it is best to put a barrier between you and others by using a good VPN service that keeps your real IP address private .

On the other hand, there is the risk that a file is infected and having it on your device will be affected by it. That is why you should always have the defenses activated so that when a malicious file enters it is blocked as soon as possible, avoiding major consequences .

Another thing you should know is that when you finish downloading a file, it is kept shared so that if someone needs to download it in the future, they can take fragments of what you already have complete . Therefore, it is recommended that you stop sharing this information and keep the program you used for the download completely closed, so that you stay off the network when you are not downloading anything.

If you follow these tips you will be able to have a better experience downloading P2P content from your computer. So from now on, let them become an instruction manual for safe torrenting .