DesMix or DDMix – Best Alternatives | Best Alternatives to DesMix or DDMix

DesMix or DDMix – Best Alternatives | Best Alternatives to DesMix or DDMix

Considering the extensive catalog of DesMix or DDMix, it is one of the most visited pages to download movies and TV series.

Through this service, you can locate the latest version and the most popular movies. He also updated the episodes of the series, which have become a trend.

However, DesMix or DDMix has been shut down very often due to legal pressure and ultimately became a particularly unstable site.

It is precisely for this reason that it is not always free and even changes domain frequently, so it is always fun to have some alternative methods that allow you to continue accessing the best movies and series of the moment.

What is DesMix or DDMix and why was it closed or stopped working?

In general, DesMix or DDMix is ​​a web portal dedicated to downloading in the Torrent area, that is, users can access links through it, and these links allow them to access the files they need, even if it is avi , mp3 or other files, is closed. It is the legislation of the link copyright division.

Today, the task of most countries is to legally penalize the free download of any content, especially movies, games or series, limiting access to portals, which makes it easier for surfers to access said files, and even being so popular, they can’t escape. DesMix or DDMixs.

Alternative option to DesMix or DDMix to download torrent content

When addressing the legal status of DesMix or DDMix, it is advised that you pay attention to other alternative options to proceed with the download, so now there is a selective list of equally good online portals:


Torrentz is one of the most powerful torrent web browsers , in which you can locate countless files. Particularly, the service provides a database that contains more than sixty million files with practically one hundred different pages.

It is advisable to use this place to find lesser known files or to compare files with the best quality and reliability between different sites.

In order to view these kinds of pages, you can use a free VPN and bypass country blocks.


Limetorrents is one of the best options to access countless different kinds of files. These include the best movies and series of the moment , and you can find the latest trends in the list.

One of the great advantages of this site is that each and every document is verified. In addition to this, it also provides the facility for anonymous downloads.


The database that makes up the torrent download index has no precedent or point of comparison , since it consists of more than one million downloadable documents with an average speed of 1.8MB / s.

The only shortcoming that can be seen is the annoyance of its intrusive advertising, which can be solved by installing an extension to block it in the browser.


The unique feature of this search engine is that it has a massive database of over a million files, it provides a magnet for direct links to movies like PeliculasGolden does , and it provides a clear user interface.

Apart from this, it also adds a valid mobile version for a simple download on smart mobile devices without major problems; Regarding the average speed, it is more or less 3.7MB / s.


Demonoid is a semi-private site with one of the largest user communities , with over one million users. The Web can only be accessed through invitation to ensure that the quality of the seed is good.

The site is rigorous with the content that users can upload to avoid spam, adult content, xenophobic, etc.


When it comes to users, Kickasstorrents is one of the sites with the most traffic . This powerful search engine managed to improve the organization of files, including information such as the reliability of the file, number of seeds or access to magnetized links.

It has a user discussion forum divided by country / area, so you can communicate with people in your area, request documents, etc.


Movies, software, games, music and other content can be downloaded through this leading community process by providing its vast database of millions of files to users; its primary feature is to make sure you have your VPN service client User Identity Protection.

bt scene

When it comes to downloadable Peer to Peer resources online, Bit Torrent Scene is a reference in the same way as DesMix or DDMix. The reason is that users can play movies, TV shows, games, music, e-books and software, with an average DL speed of 3.6 MB/s.

Another unique feature is the quality of its files, an aspect that is shared by each and every one of the files that make up its extensive database, which is continuously updated and has earned the reputation that users currently enjoy.


Although it is one of the newer torrent sites on the planet, the quality of its database files makes it one of the best alternatives to DesMix or DDMix . The content is perfectly organized by categories.

In addition to this, in Zooqle, the announcements are very few, and there is a calendar with each and every one of the news and they will be added in the coming days.


This site is one of the most visited and well-known sites , in addition to multiple categories, it also has other less common content, such as a section with movie trailers or a section with news.

In addition to this, it also gives an initial list of current trends and the quality of the files is very good. However, it should be noted that its excessive publicity is negative.


Divxtotal is one of the DesMix or DDMix options, from which you can access the latest version of the billboard with different genres of dubbing . You can choose to download from the magnetized link. In addition to this, the site will make suggestions so that you can find related content that interests you.

It also has part of series. To find something, you must enter a search term in the box above, as it is not organized by category.


Don Torrent is a very valuable site due to the fact that it updates its content very frequently.
You have access to summarize each and every one of the specific parts of the premiere.
It has many different download options like 4K movies and all HD quality content.
Includes reports, computer games and music.

eztv torrent

EZTV Torrent is a reference site for downloading content related to the planet of TV . Since 1992, you can find all kinds of series and TV shows.

You can see summaries or trailers of all the free content and access an exclusive list where you can see all the news that are added regularly to the platform.

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What is the best alternative to DesMix or DDMix?

If you want to ensure reliability when downloading files like series and movies first, the best alternative to DesMix or DDMix is ​​Zooqle .

Zooqle is a new site in continuous evolution, which not only increases the plurality and number of files, but also improves the user community. You have the option of subscribing to the RSS feed, and it will notify you whenever something of interest is uploaded.

The news calendar is a consultation tool that can provide you with information about the premiere that is going to be uploaded to the platform. In addition to this, the content of the seed page has also been verified, so that you can download them safely.

You can find all kinds of torrents, from the latest series or movies to games, music, apps, books, and even anime. A promising alternative to find high-quality files, download them quickly and always be up to date with the latest news.