4 Advantages of using WhatsApp Web on Desktop or Windows

4 Advantages of using WhatsApp Web on Desktop or Windows

When it comes to talking about the most fashionable instant messaging applications of the moment, there is no doubt that WhatsApp is the most used. This is something that has happened for several years, so its current market share is very high worldwide.

It is an application, in principle for mobile devices, that has not stopped growing and improving over time. For this, its developers do not stop testing and sending new functions that significantly enhance the operation of the communication platform. As most of you already know, WhatsApp is not only limited to word processing but goes much further.

In this way, what the program as such already allows us is to be able to exchange many content formats with our contacts directly from here. But that’s not all, since for some time now the online instant messaging service can also be used from any Internet browser on desktops, for example. As you can imagine, this opens up a wide range of possibilities. In fact, at the moment many regular WhatsApp users, the first thing they do is open the page called WhatsApp web as soon as they turn on their PC.

And, as you can imagine, there are several advantages that this particular mode of use offers us when communicating with others through the messaging platform owned by Facebook. To do this, at first it is enough to synchronize our mobile account using a BIDI code, on the PC, everything from this link.

Advantages that WhatsApp web offers us compared to the mobile app

To begin with, we will tell you that being able to communicate, primarily via text, on a PC with its corresponding physical keyboard, is much faster and more comfortable than with a virtual screen keyboard. Therefore, for those who make intensive use of the application, being able to use WhatsApp from the PC will be much faster and more effective. To all this, we must add that we are only going to be able to deal with a text from the browser in Windows. At the same time, we can send and receive other types of content such as emoticons, videos or images.

Another advantage of using WhatsApp Web is that we receive notifications directly on the desktop computer, so we forget about the mobile in this regard. This will, to a large extent, avoid possible distractions.

And finally, we cannot forget that this is not a mere WhatsApp client, but that from the web version we can make essential changes. Also, these apply directly to the mobile application that we are used to using. With these changes, we mean modifying the profile photo, creating groups, opening rooms, deleting a specific chat, silencing notifications, marking as unread, etc.

Therefore, if we are in front of a PC, but we do not want to lose sight of our WhatsApp account, this is an excellent alternative.

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